Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why Are Humans so Cruel?

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Just a few moments event happened outside on the veranda that made me hate humans in general...
I was in my room, doing my microbiology practical write up then the German student, Antje called me outside from the veranda.
"There's a spider outside...can you look at it?"
So I walked outside amused for a while. And there on the floor was the spider. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Okay...many people are afraid of spiders...I admit that sometimes I am myself. But I still love them.
"Is it poisonous?" Antje asked me...
"I don't think so..."
"What's that white thing?"
"It looks like her egg!" and I was so delighted to see the spider holding her children so close to her body, protecting it from harm. It was such a magnificent creature and I was sure it must've been scared being on human territory...looking for a place to take care of her young. Antje was only scared that it would crawl up her leg while she gets her towel that was hanging on the clothes line to dry.
"She's not going to do anything...I think it's just waiting for you to go away. She's so scared she can't move." I told her
"Are you sure? I'm so terrified of spiders I feel like puking right now."
"Aww...look, I'll get your towel for you. You just go inside, take a drink and have a rest. It will be fine."
So she did what I said as she went in the house. I got the towel and went back inside too and got back to doing my homework. Then my mother asked Antje why she was scared. Naturally Antje told her about the spider so my mum went outside to have a look. This is where I would never forgive myself...
I just stayed in my room, listening to my mother outside. I only thought she was outside to have a look at the spider...then to my horror I heard a shoe slap on the floor. I instantly knew she was dead. Her and her young, just killed there on the veranda by my mother. I immediately ran out.
"Mum! Why did you do it? What did she do to you? Did you really have to kill her? She had an egg!"
I was seriously about to cry. I just wished I could go back in time a few minutes. I wished I gently picked up the spider and put her far away into the bush away from us. I should've done that but instead I just let her stay there where it was dangerous for her and her young. I should've known she was going to get killed if she stayed there. It was all my fault...
My mother didn't say a word. I couldn't tell if she felt guilty or thought I was just plain stupid. I didn't notice anything about my mother...I just went back into my room, crying. She didn't do anything...she was only waiting for Antje to go back inside so she could find a safe place to take care of her egg...She was more terrified than Antje. She was terrified like it was a matter of life and death...and it was. She's dead. They're all dead.
I don't care if people think "it's just a spider...". If she was "just a spider" then we might as well be "just humans". I don't care if we're supposedly the most intelligent beings on earth. I don't see why we should be more important than anything else that lives. We're the ones that are killing everything with our so-called "intelligence".
I live by my words: "show love and compassiong to all living things" and I do. And no-one's opinions (and yes they are entitled to their's) can change me.
Well now that Charlotte the spider is gone, there's nothing I can do but hope that right now her and her children are somewhere happy and safe where no harm could come to them.

And this comes to the end of a true story about the mothering spider protecting her young and the cruel acts of human kind...

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