Monday, March 20, 2006

Something to do while I'm Procrastinating...

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Yep...I shouldn't be procrastinating but I just can't set my mind into a working mood at the moment. I have 3 assignments due on Wednesday too...I should get cracking after this post.
Well...I can't say that it was the BEST day I've had...but there were some good things that happened.
Katerina and Samantha wanted me to have lunch with them at Uni but mother conveniently made me a healthy lunch so I didn't go. I ate avocadoes, fresh tomatoes and fish. While I was eating, Katerina text messaged me and said "OMG! I'm eating vegetables and it actually tastes nice!" and my jaw just dropped (knowing Katerina...she would NEVER eat vegetables...) and I messaged her back saying how shocked I was...let alone actually liking the taste. I felt quite proud of her ^^. I hope you're reading this, Kat.E!
After I had my lunch I went to school and met up with Kat and Sam where they just had their lunch. Then we walked down to the post office so I could post Erik's letter and I swear the man working at the PO must've been so sick of us. I write to a lot of people and I go there every week posting letters (and recharging my phone since I use up a lot of credit really fast -.-) while Kat tags along or buys lollies there XD. Kat and the PO man had a nice conversation about the cherry drops or whatever they were..."I've got none today but I've ordered 20 more just for you" and I said "See Kat? You'r spethal =P" (with a lisp) <> and Kat was like "I know I'm special...but you can't put all 20 of them on that thing!" *points on this small lollybox holder thingamabob whatsit....
After that...we walked around building 42 looking for my darn Microbiology lecturer's assignment box (he didn't specify where it was besides saying it was in building 42). I was stressing out all week because I couldn't find it. I finished the assignmnet a week early too but it was due today and I couldn't hand it in coz HE DIDN'T TELL US WHERE THE ASSIGNMENT BOX WAS! *grumbles*. Finally...we found it...well...we had help actually XD by this strange adult who was wearing thongs in the building even when the sign outside the building saying "People wearing thongs or other uncovered shoes are not permitted in this building" *looks at Kat and Sam who were also wearing thongs*.
Then, it was 12:30pm and our lecture didn't start til 1 so Kat and I decided to look for our Design and Innovation tutor's assignment box (and after walking around deciding what building it was in...we didn't really find it...).
BORING LECTURE TIME! X_x...hmm...we learnt about how the houses of Darwin were built (Katerina fell asleep 5 times and Erin messaged me during the lecture...great I just messaged her back and forth and did not pay attention to anything).
FINALLY THE BORING LECTURE ENDED (nearly and hour early too!). I then talked to my group members about what we were going to do (we were supposed to go shopping together today). Ben and Brendan said "We'll go get the Joint at Bunnings" and Brydie was like "JOINT?! *makes a smoking action*" XD (she's such a sucker lol). But we all know that the guys meant HINGE joint :P. Well...that meant that the guys didn't need us girls to go with them so Brydie went home to sleep and I went to Casuarina with Katerina (lol...that sounds funny...Casuarina with Katerina XD).
Erin picked us up from the bus stop (all hail people with cars!) and off we went...first Kat and I got ice-cream while Erin discreetly followed us XD. Then we ran into Jade (who was supposed to be at the lecture but wasn't). She told us how she nearly burnt her home last night. It was kinda hilarious...she tried to put out a fire with an icecream container and a baking tray after putting the fire into her bin XD. She had to go to hospital for a blood test so she had a day off today.
We then joined Jade for lunch...then Lani and her mother and her gorgeous new 6 weeks old sister ran into us ^.^
Jennifer (Lani's sister) was so gorgeous ^.^ she was sleeping in the pram. Then I said "She's so cute" and the baby smiled while sleeping and Lani's mum was like "it's because you said she was cute".
Then Lani and her mother had to go. So Jade, Rin, Kat and I walked aimlessly around the shopping centre. We looked at the gorgeous pups and kittens at the pet store. I fell in love with the golden retriever and the labradoodles!! ^_^ <3 Then Jade had to go, Rin and I continued to walk aimlessly around the store...then we got bored so we got Erin to take us back to the Uni XD.
It wasn't much different when Kat and I got to the Uni though...we walked around aimlessly there too...trying to look for Nikki, Kat's sister. Then we gave up so we both went home.
I had a short nap when I got home (coz I was feeling so tired...) then went onto the computer to attempt starting to work on my's say...I failed to do so ;)
Mum came home from work...she's cranky as usual. She's been at me all night's annoying -.- but I guess...that's what mothers do...I was feeling quite hopeless when I started writing this blog but now I'm feeling a bit better after writing about the good things that happened today. I kinda forgotten why I was mad at my mother now...ahh well...that's a good thing.
Now...I shall attempt to work on my assignments! Wish me luck!

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