Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dumb Practicals

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I had trouble waking up this morning from the exhaustion of sadness the previous night. It was lucky my class started at 1pm although I wasted the time in the morning in which I planned to do some homework and studying. I woke up at around 10am and thought "stuff this" and just went online to do whatever...
Even though I slept early and slept for so many hours I was still feeling really dead and completely unenthusiastic.
I rocked up at school around noon. Went to the library and tried to do a bit of studying before class started...only managed to do 2 questions from my textbook though...
Soon it was time for class. Eliza looked a bit dead today too. I must say, today in the Microbiology Laboratory Session...we did the crappest practical ever invented. During the previous week we got bacteria from our hands and put them on agar plates. Today we counted them...yippee...the purpose of today was to see how incredibly filthy your hands are...woohoo -.- (Eliza managed to get fungus growing on her agar plate XD). Then we had to get soil, heat it up in a test tube and put it in saline solution to cultivate the bacteria "naturally". It seemed pretty boring...I don't know what we have to do with the soil in next week's practical. After that we had to chop off some roots and but them in alcohol and acid and crap like that...and put it on the agar plate. Then we had to Gram-stain our bacteria and observe it under the microscope (and I must say I have the best looking bacteria in my group XD). It was like 3 pracs at once today and it was kinda confusing and believe it or not...the whole thing took 3 hours to do -.-;;. Our laboratory session was supposed to end at 3 but it ended at 4 WHICH WAS WHEN MY CHEMISTRY TUTORIAL STARTED!!! >.<;;
Oh good thing happened today. I got my two assignments back from Microbiology and received a High Distinction for both of them so I was quite happy.
Eliza and I arrived at our Tutorial 10 minutes late (darn Microbiology practical!) and we were not in good moods. The practical was boring...the tutorial was also boring...there was this student that asked "why is this and this done this way?" (forgot the exact question) and the teacher's response was "well...this is this because this is what it should be" and I was just rolling my eyes. We're two topics behind in this subject and she can't explain things...not to mention she didn't order enough textbooks for the class too so the majority of us can't do our studying and assignments!!
At 5 we had our Chemistry Laboratory Session and today we did titrations. Eliza and I were not at the best of moods at around this time. We were tired, bored, and annoyed...
Our titration results rocked though. They were just about perfect. Still, we weren't in the mood to be happy about dang titration results...
7pm...about freakin' time school finished. I dunno...maybe the previous night influenced me to think of everything so dull. I'm normally a very enthusiastic student...but today...I just couldn't be bothered.
Oh least on Saturday I have something to look for. Elizabeth is having a movie night over at her place on Saturday night. I haven't seen most of my friends for a long time. Saturday evening is a very good thing to look forward to indeed...

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