Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh the Joys of CDU...

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Hmm...what an inspiring and educational day I had at uni today...

Event 1
3 hour laboratory session for Chemistry.
I wasn't sure what the heck we were doing...we were just collecting powder that formed from odd samples (I'm too tired...I can't remember what they were...they were acid stuff >_>;;) and weighed them etc etc etc. Except a lot of people didn't finish so we didn't get any results therefore we're seeing no way for us to finish the prac write up which we have to hand in next week...
I worked with Kimsze and we were so lost with what to do and why things went wrong (our substance was the only one in the entire class that turned looked remarkably like strawberry moose).

Event 2
Just a Chemistry tutorial...nothing much happened...(wasn't paying attention either...)

Event 3
What an interesting Biology lecture we had...
This lecture made me realise how intelligent lecturers are at this university. Sean Cox (Coxie) was waffling on and on about random stuff on mitosis and meiosis and didn't know the answers to some things and yaddayaddayadda.
I wrote down some funny quotes from this lecture said by Coxie:
1. *refers to the genetic material in sister chromatids for each daughter cell in mitosis* "They're different...but they separate, so they are identical"
2. *refers to an illustration of a naked woman* "That's a terrible picture...look at her face!"
3. *refers to a diagram of the cell cycle* "G naught is what they're doing when you're doing what you do."
*One questions Coxie's status as "Doctor"*

Now Eliza and I are in the comp labs, close to midnight, doing nothing productive (mind you we did homework for 2 hours and completed it!).

And it is time for me to end this blog!

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