Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Proteins, RNA, DNA, Amines, Carboxylic Acids, Alcohols, Alkyl Halides, Carbonyl compounds, Aldehydes, Aniline, Phenols, Aromatic Hydrocarbons ETC ETC!

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Yes, I wrote three blog entries within a period of 24 hours...anything wrong with that?! It's making up for the time I abandoned this blog...
I just completed my head exploding (yes, my head is's just air...wiee!) tasks for tonight:
- 16 annoying Biology questions on Protein Synthesis (and whatever's related to it...)

- 9 extremely long and complicated Chemistry Tutorial questions
The list is short but it took me *counts* oh didn't take me too took me a grand total of 9 hours to complete both tasks x). IT'S 9 HOURS OF MY PRECIOUS LIFE COMPLETELY WASTED! WITH THOSE 8 HOURS I COULD'VE HAD SOME BEAUTY SLEEP, OR EAT SOME CHOCOLATE, OR STARED INTO EMPTY SPACE AND DROOL LIKE A CUCUMBER!!! >:0 *not happy, Jan*

Anyhoo...*randomly bombards people with her quiz*
if you haven't done so...DO MY QUIZ DANGIT! >:0 x( OR I
SHALL HAUNT YOU WITH!!! *holds out her plastic fork*
The scoreboard for this quiz is here! -->
x) Nyahahaha...

Today some of the year 12s from my high school came to uni for the titration competition. I saw Megan, Emma, Ada, Angelina, Paul, Nick, Winnie, Cassie, and some other familiar faces. I chatted to them for a few minutes and wished them luck. After seeing them, I felt really sad because I realised how much I missed high school.
Uni has its good points but it's just so dull...the work is hard...the environment is boring...
You don't have a connection with your lecturers and tutors like in high school. They don't give a damn if you're going to fail because they get paid heaps...

Everyone around uni is just just can't go crazy with your friends!
Well...I lied...there was this one time my friends and I went to the grass area during a lecture break and we just rolled and tumbled around the grass as well as attempting cartwheels xD. That was awesome. One of the very rare moments of us acting like....teenagers? x) Although the aftermath of that for me was lumps and bumps of itchy torture all over my skin since I'm supposed to be allergic to grass...but oh was all so worth it. After months of being (or trying to be) the sensible, studious uni student, it's just great to let it all loose and go psycho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *moo*

I wish I could have more free time. I want to draw!!!!!! >_<;; Oh crap...I've got a list of requests! I better write it down before I forget. In order of priority: 1. Shan Shan's bday drawing 2. Lena's bday drawing 3. Lou's bday drawing 4. Mathew and Tommo's 100 score deviation (and if there are future 100% scorers) 5. Jade as the bad angel 6. Katerina as herself 7. Eliza's scorpion queen 8. Ryan's female ninja 9. Brendan's hybrid creatures *dies* I'm not gonna be able to do these for ages!!! *cries* Well, I hope I didn't forget to add anything on my list... *Yawns* hmm...perhaps I should go to bed...long day at uni tomorrow. Oh how I hate Thursdays...7 hours staight of class with no breaks is just too cruel!!!!!!!!! We're poor, paying, hardworking *cough*, and hungry uni students! They can't DO THIS TO US! I mean, expensive foods that are sold around the campus (and may I add having vending machines that only accept coins), ripping us off with TEXTBOOKS WITH RIDICULOUS RETAIL PRICES THAT WE HARDLY USE is BAD ENOUGH but WHAT IS WITH THE LONG DAYS OF CLASSES THAT AREN'T EVEN INSPIRINGLY EDUCATIONAL?!

*Clock strikes midnight in Singapore*

aww...isn't she sweet?! ^^

*Sigh* poor old Lena has to do an exam today...ON HER BIRTHDAY!! It's INJUSTICE!! >_<;; BEST OF LUCK, LENA!!! Anyway...I think it's time for me to go to bed now...I'm extremely sleep deprived and brain opened its hatch and ran away from me because I've been so unkind to it lately. COME BACK! I NEED YOU! *thinks* (ouch...that hurts)
Well, I never use it anyway...(no surprises there...)


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Blogger Bird said...

Wow.... lots of writings!

I am ok, been working :P

I see you had fun with bio lol~ I used to like bio until those words flooded my head :P now I just like animals in general :D

Thursday, September 07, 2006 8:35:00 pm  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

I love bio but sometimes uni is just too boring
I hate chemistry with a passion.
yes, just loving animals in general keeps your brain happy x)
hope u dont get busy all the time at work
have fun!

Thursday, September 07, 2006 9:29:00 pm  

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