Friday, May 19, 2006

I Survived the Big One Eight!

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Mood: Relaxed and Unmotivated's been a while since I posted something here. I've been so busy with homework and been so unmotivated lately I just didn't get the chance to post something. Well, I can't remember what I did for all of the last 18 days and I don't think anyone would bother reading a blog that talks about 18 days so I'll just talk about the highlight of the last 18 days....MY 18TH BIRTHDAY, OF COURSE!

The night before I turned 18 I was counting down, minute by minute, until 12:28am (the time that I was born) on the 13th of May. I was actually dreading that moment to come. Eventually it did come and meh...I turned 18 XD. Well, I was dreading it before but now I'm glad I'm 18. My birthday party just convinced me that it'd be a good age. My 17th party had some bad signs in it and it turned out that my age of 17 was not a remarkable one at all...but let's not talk about 17...let's talk about 18 XD.

My Birthday Party:
10am - Emily came to pick me up to go to Lake Leanyer (yes, I needed to get a lift off her to my own birthday sad...dang mother...she wouldn't let me have the car >_<;;).
Samantha called me and asked me where I was at around this time. "Um...the party starts at 10:30..." XD. Poor confused child...
10:30am - Em and I arrived at Lake Leanyer, Samantha was already there.
11:00am - A couple of more people came. We played around on the water playground (the giant bucket is so cool...) and swam in the lake..yeah... >_>;;
Later time - Everyone came. I opened the presents...muahahaha...the presents are so cool ^.^ THANKS EVERYONE!
Later time - We swam a bit more, then decided we were hungry so we drove to Casuarina to get some lunch.
1:30pm - Some of us sat around the Eatery (or food court, whatever you want to call it) and ate our lunches. I think I had a Sweet Chilli Wrap thingy from KFC (not healthy, I know...but meh...I'm usually healthy...let's get all junkie on my birthday!).
3:00pm - Went to the cinemas and watched "She's the Man" (my second time...I love this movie ^.^)
4:50pm - We drove to Dripstone Cliffs/Casuarina Beach and played with the frisbees and hackey sacks for a while then we stuffed ourselves with salad, pepsi max, and some other random food. I went down to the beach and took some photos of the most gorgeous sunset then went back up to the cliffs and it got dark and the biggest, most brightest and most beautiful fullmoon was up in the sky. It was amazing! Imagine you're holding a soccer ball in front of you. Now imagine that's the moon...that's how big it was! I'm so lucky! The sky gave me spectacular presents! Then we got the cake out (Erin, Brentley, Erin's mum and I made it...the cake looks like Oscar the grouch in a trash can btw...^.^), lit the candles, sang, blew them out, and cut it =D. It was a delicious cake indeed...compliments to the chefs...hehehe XD. Then we just sat in the dark and talked to each other about random stuff. I love my friends ^.^. Being with them just makes all the difference in my life...making it just so much more special <3.
8:30pm - We packed up everything and some of us went to Erin's place. We just sat around the lounge room, talked about random stuff and played cards. I was acting really chirpy and childish and immature and crazy and loud etc etc etc so people established the fact that I couldn't get drunk on my 18th birthday so I just got drunk on pepsi max XD. Some of us left one by one until Emily, Lani and I were the last ones remaining. We stayed there til 10:30pm, said our goodbyes and Emily drove me home. I guess that's the end of my party.

Yeah, I didn't make my party sound too exciting because I only briefly said what we did and nothing specific but meh...I'll always remember them so it's okay ^.^

Just want to acknowledge Evan's stay in Darwin. Evan was a high school friend of mine who went down to Canberra to train for the army. He came up, I bumped into him a few days before my party and told him to come. I must say it has been a pleasure having him here and spending time with him =D. All the best to you, Evan! Hope I catch up with you before you go or see you some time in the near future! Don't forget Des and Troy (don't worry...inside joke >_O...if you want to know the significance of Des and Troy just ask me XD).

On Wednesday, 17th, it was my P.I.T.'s (Psycho Insomniac Twin's) 18th birthday! Bities! I love you! Thanks for sharing the birthday party with me! I don't think I'd find someone better to share it with! Hope you love 18 as much as I love you! =Hugluff's Bities=

Hmm...that's all I have to say for now...except for I SHOULD BE DOING MY MICROBIOLOGY HOMEWORK INSTEAD OF WRITING A BLOG!!!! >_<;;

Hope I update this more frequently again...I've been so slack!

Nyahaha...I love 18 so far...

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Blogger Bird said...

I want to be 18 again too!!

Monday, May 22, 2006 11:07:00 am  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

i guess u'll have to wait another 10 years then :P

Monday, May 22, 2006 3:30:00 pm  

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