Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Temporary Freedom

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Hmm...I guess I'm a bit disappointed that Cyclone Monica didn't come at all (I wanted it to come while it was category 1 but it died before it even arrived). However I'm glad that we're all okay. Monica did quite a lot of damage to other areas like Jabiru and the Gulf. Luckily no one was killed because the cyclone mostly hit isolated areas.
Anyway...I didn't do much yesterday. I wasn't happy yesterday because school was back on today *grumbles* so I spent the entire day trying to do my Anatomy & Physiology practical report. Bleargh...I didn't quite leave it to the last minute...I just didn't know how to do it X_x so in a way...I left it to the last minute hehe...
I wish I didn't know how to procrastinate. I hate wasting time >_<. Well, I love wasting time if it's with my friends but...the after affects you have a procrastinating problem like me...STOP IT NOW! >_<;;
There should be like a club called "Procrastinatics Anonymous" (I know there's no such word as "Procrastinatics" but it was so you could relate to "Alcoholics").
Procrastinating lead me to staying up until 5am doing my assignment, going to restless sleep until 7:30am, getting up and trying to finish your homework but end up falling asleep for another hour, getting up and try again, instead I procrastinated until I had to go to school at 1pm. I went to school, had to do a Microbiology practical at 1-3pm, went to the computer labs to finish off my assignment thinking "OH FARG! YOU ONLY HAVE 2 HOURS LEFT TO COMPLETE IT! >_<". Luckily I completed it by 5pm (which was when my next laboratory session started).
Anyway...I'll talk about our microbiology practical. Not much happened. Eliza, Marcus and I observed our own bacteria which came from our tonsils (yummy... -___-;;) then we used our saliva to place onto an agar plate so we could observe bacteria that came from it next week (oh joy...). Eliza managed to grow fungi again hehe...I shall call her...THE QUEEN OF FUNGUS!
Hmm...after I finished my assignment, we had the Chemistry practical. It was boring too. We built model atoms out of plastic and straws and we observed their shapes and determined their folds and angles. I'm not going to go into detail about the folds and stuff because it's so blardy complicated >_<;;.
Yay! Time to go home! I'm so tired -___-;;. I'm so glad I have temporary freedom though. I don't have any more assessment items to complete for this week! Yay! ^^
I went home, had a shower, ate dinner, watched TV (but I can't remember what was on TV...), got onto the computer, talked briefly to my friends. Wow...I just realised I didn't do anything online (besides talking to my friends, which I wasn't really...) but complete this memes thingy on deviantart. How sad. I've been on for 3.5 hours too...dude...I'm slow. Hehe...I guess I'm slow at everything. I take hours and hours to do a simple assignment. It'd take me hours and hours to do a simple memes too. Nuuuuuu >_<;; I wish I worked faster! Then I wouldn't be so stressed all the blardy time!
Anyway. I'm beet! Completing a hard assignment at the last minute is tiring work. Brain power: 0% (because there IS NO brain...).
Hmm...I probably won't sleep though, despite how tired I am. It's always like this. I'll probably stay up and read a book, or write a letter or something. *Shrugs* or I could just lie down in bed and sleep hehe ;).
*Goes to embrace her temporary freedom*

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Weather: Still boring...
Mood: Relaxed and drained @_@


Blogger Bird said...

I've always wondered if I am trapped in a cyclone, would anyone come to rescue me

Thursday, May 04, 2006 12:16:00 am  

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