Monday, April 17, 2006

Black Jack, Gang Up, Under the Night Sky and British Comedy

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In the morning I just did a bit of homework (stupid tutor hasn't emailed me back yet...I don't think she ever will... >_<). Nothing much happened yesterday. In the afternoon I taught and I was particularly strict yesterday but at the end I gave my students easter eggs so they can't complain ;). I'm going to increase my teaching charge from $30 an hour to $40 an hour. My piano teacher's complaining that I'm charging too cheap for my experience. Well...I guess she's right...I have been teaching for 4 years but everyone's skeptical about a teenager =P. I felt a bit sad after teaching. Kae-jenn begged me to stay in Darwin for next year so I could still teach him =( that made me feel incredibly sad. It is very true that I am going to miss my students terribly...*sigh* I wish the university here was better...then I wouldn't have to go...but then again, moving out would probably be a good option for me since I am "too dependent" at the moment. Anyway...Lani came over at quarter to 6 to pick me up and take me to Liz's party. After she picked me up we went to pick up Niamh. This was the first time I've seen Niamh in months, since our graduation. She went down to Adelaide to study. Her family moved to Aaron and Caitlin's former house (before Aaron and Caitlin moved down to's gone/going to Adelaide and Melbourne...). We then went off to our half an hour drive to Liz's house (in some countries a half an hour drive isn't very far...but in relation to's FAR!!!). When we got there, Sara, Ross, Erin, and Brentley were already there talking with Liz and David. They were all downstairs, sitting in a circle listening to music. We talked for a few minutes then some of us went to go get some Pizza and drinks from the store. I stayed behind with Erin and Brentley and we played Black Jack. I kept on getting 16 for my first two cards and my first hit is ALWAYS 10 >_<. I got 26 like...100 times that night. I swear...if Black Jack was 26 to win...I'd be filthy rich if I was really gambling =P. After everyone came back with the food, Ross and David joined in. Ross and David were funny, they kept switching cards with each other so they both would get as close to 21 as possible. David kept on doing his evil grin and it was really creeping me and everyone else out (Liz does that grin too...I guess it must be a Crossley thing...genetics perhaps...their father, Chris does it too XD). After we got tired with Black Jack we stuffed ourselves with Pizza and chocolate muffins. Sara and I hogged the hawaiian pizza box hehe...Erin hogged the creaming soda >:0 but hehe...^^ at least we managed to get Ross not to hog anything ^^ (he wasn't particularly happy...). Later people wanted to play "Spotlight" but I was sad enough to bring some of my homework along...while everyone played spotlight I went into Neil's room (Liz's eldest brother who was in Germany) and did my Design & Innovation homework. I actually did a lot of work =D. When I was done, Liz came up to asked me to play "Gang Up" with them. Great timing too because I just finished my homework. We went out to the back and to Palmeston High (which was directly behind her house). David and I were it so we ran around the school looking for the others. I managed to tag Lani, Sara, Niamh and Liz...go me ^^. I wasn't as unfit as I thought too because they made me run around the school several times XD. Yay! I still have my stamina ^^. Dang Ross was the last one to get tagged...that boosted his ego for a while >=(. After our game of gang up, we dragged our tired bodies back to the house. We just listened to music, sang and talked to each other. Niamh's parents soon came to pick her up. This was probably the last time I was going to see her in months so I gave her a nice hug even though she hates hugs XD. Then we were bored again so we went back to the school and just hung around the basketball court. Erin and Brentley sat at the benches, Lani, David and I just layed down on the basketball court gazing at the sky above (there were a lot of storm was really nice though =D). Liz and Sara were up in the trees talking and Ross was just switching from the basketball court to the trees...I could stay out laying on the basketball court looking up at the sky all night. It was so relaxing and beautiful ^^ but then it was about to rain so we hurried back to the house. Ross' parents then came to pick him up was goodbye to Ross...
We sat in the lounge room and watched "Coupling", a British comedy. It was hilarious XD it was about desperate men and women who were good friends with each other discussing their love lives XD (or lack of). We watched the entire season, then Brentley & Erin went to sleep. Then we watched Monty Python (forgot which one) and it was absurd humour. I liked Coupling better though. By the time we finished watching it was 4am and by the time we got ready to sleep it was half past four. Everyone else was ready to sleep but I was too wide awake (as usual >_<). Liz slept in her own room, Brentley, Erin and Lani slept in Neil's and Sara and I slept in the entertainment room. I stayed up listening to my iPod all night and texted messaged Daniel from England back and forth (he started it XD). I also watched Sara sleep (well there wasn't much else to do, was there?) and she is such a peaceful sleeper. She just stayed in this position for about 4 hours...(lol! I really need to stop being an insomniac...). Ooh! I did sleep a bit...but I woke up at 5:15am and I thought: Hmm...that wasn't very long... -____-;; Lani woke up at around 10am and she was the one to take me home. Everyone else was still sleeping so we left without saying goodbye. Sara left too. We left at around 10:30am and I guess that was the end of the party =P. I was glad that there was no alcohol involved in the party. The initial plan of the party was to drink. If there was I wasn't going to drink anyway =D. I'm home and I haven't done anything (besides eat breakfast...). I hope I get to see my friends soon. I haven't laughed so much for a long time. I'm always laughing the loudest when I'm with my friends =D. I'm glad that we still manage to get together after we've graduated from high school :). I guess that's what true friends are for =D

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Blogger Kaoru said...

Coupling is amazing! I own the first 3 series (series 4 sucks :P) on DVD ^__^

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 3:50:00 am  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

yeah! I was laughing my arse off so hard I cried XD

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 9:11:00 pm  

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