Friday, April 07, 2006

Lunch & Assignments

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*Yawns* I still haven't slept a wink. I've been awake for 7 days now. I'll be going to school in 5 hours and today I'm handing in 5 assignments. I've done them all (finally) except for the Microbiology practical (which won't take very long to finish) and the critical reading for Design & Innovation (I hate it! I've only done 60 words out of 300...). I can't be stuffed at the present moment so I'll just put in a blog...then attempt to sleep for the first time in a week!!!
Here's what happened yesterday:
I went to school at 9am for Design & Innovation Tutorial. My group and I got our oral planned out. We got our first critical readings back today and I'm quite disappointed with my mark. I got 70%. It's not bad...but I just feel disappointed with it.
After our tutorial (we finished half an hour early...yay!) Kat and I went to meet Eliza at the computer labs. She was busy doing her Chemistry practical (poor bugger, she has no computer at home so she has to come to school and do as much work as possible in the labs). Sammy then came and met up with us in the labs too. At around 12:30pm Sara and Liz arrived to come pick Kat, Sam and me up. Sadly Eliza can't go because of the practicals she was doing. Sara drove us to Casuarina and we met up with Erin there. Erin was all black and white today. She reminded me of a chess board XD (mind you, a very good looking chess board >_O). We sat around at a table and ate our nummy lunches. I just had a small burger from KFC (meh...something unhealthy X_x). After lunch we went to JB Hi-fi and I bought Panic! At the Disco's album "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" ^.^! Then we just walked aimlessly around Casuarina. Katerina was looking for burn cream (I accidentally said "burning cream" and Liz commented "Yes, it's a cream that bursts into flames when you put it on your skin") because she burnt herself on the arm while she was working at KFC. We also helped her look for superhero costumes (she had to dress up as a superhero for the weekend for some reason). We couldn't find any stereotypical superhero costumes for her so we just told her to dress up as the easter bunny with wings (the "Fairy Easter Bunny"). That can be a hero...right? It was easter soon so the shops were selling all these bunny ears.
Soon Erin, Liz, and Sara went home. Kat and Sam had a class at 5 and I wanted to go back to Uni to help Eliza and do some of my assignments. We took the 3 o'clock bus back to Uni. We hung around the computer labs until 4:30. I helped Eliza with the Chemistry practical while I was doing mine as well. She helped me out too with the enthalpy calculations. Kat and Sam went to class, Eliza had to catch the bus home so I saw no point sticking around at school so I walked back home. In a previous blog I mentioned that my head was like a 10 tonne it's more like...100 tonnes >_<;; (I'm literally swaying from side to side trying to keep my heavy head up while I'm writing this blog entry!).
When I got home I procrastinated for a while, had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner (yum! My fave!) then at around 7:30pm I began doing my assignments. Well, I can safely say that I've been working productively since that time til I started writing this blog up doing my assignments. That's nearly 8.5 hours of doing assignments straight! What a life I lead! Okay...seriously...if I don't go to sleep now I'm going to die! I'm surprised that I can actually type! Well...I'm just going to wish myself luck here for tomorrow (technically it's today...) because I gotta do an Anatomy & Physiology test (which I'm going to fail dreadfully) and finish my Microbiology practical write up and Design & Innovation Critical Reading. JIA YOU (Chinese saying, literally meaning "Add Oil!" to encourage some motivation for a challenging task)!

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Weather: Breezy
Mood: If I don't go to sleep now, I'm going to KILL someone! >_<;;


Blogger Bird said...

nonono~ you aren't killing anyone without me XD

Sorry I left for dinner for so long, I ended up walking around in the night market lolz and that couldn't be good at 2 am

Friday, April 07, 2006 9:59:00 am  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

Lol! That sounds like fun. It's okay, I got work done without hehe XD
I'm currently at school doing the rest of my last assignment. I managed to sleep for 4 hours! YAY!

Friday, April 07, 2006 10:27:00 am  
Blogger Bird said...

I love shopping and there are plenty of interesting little gift stores in the night market, so it was okay with nice snack food :P

I can't resisit cute little useless gifts lol I just got distracted

food is just a nice bonus, rofl~

Anywayz, talk to you tomorrow morn :P

Friday, April 07, 2006 11:02:00 pm  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

yeah, I know what u mean...when I was in malaysia and singapore I bought all my friends these gifts. My mother got so mad at me XD

Saturday, April 08, 2006 10:08:00 am  

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