Saturday, April 01, 2006

Zathura/Broken Down Barina

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Let's first talk about yesterday. I went to school at 11:30 and had a practical session for Anatomy & Physiology that went from 12 to 2pm. We finished half an hour though. I worked with Jade and we dissected hearts
When that was done Jade gave me a lift to Casuarina where I was to meet John and his friends later on. I haven't seen John for ages!! I didn't know any of his friends but they seemed pretty cool. We walked around Casuarina aimlessly, talking about strange and wonderful things like $1 being a lot of money :/
At 5:00pm we went to the cinemas and decided on the last minute to watch "Zathura" which is like a space version of "Jumanji". Personally I didn't think it was too great but it wasn't bad either. There were some funny bits but the whole thing was kind of lame (but I suppose it was aimed more for younger kids...the script and acting was a bit dodgey). Jumanji is so much better though. Nah...the movie was pretty good (I'm indecisive, aren't I?).
After the movie it wasn't time for us to go home yet (although it was 7:00pm and we haven't been home since going to school) so we walked around some more. We went to McDonald's, John shouted me a frozen coke (how nice of him :D) and we saw this little kid stroking Ronald McDonald's arse and shoved his finger up his bottom and spun his finger round and round...John lost it completely and literally rolled on the floor laughing XD. He lost his apetite for a while =P.
When we got out of McDonald's we saw this little girl running around flashing everyone in the entire food court XD. What is the world coming to?! These kids are so hilarious and disturbed XD!
I followed John around until my mum came to Casuarina to do some night shopping. Then I said goodbye to my brother *huggles John* and tagged along with mum to do some grocery shopping until 9pm.
I got to drive home, yay ^^. We got home and we watched "Heartbreakers" on TV and it was actually pretty good. Then I stayed up til 2am doing Microbiology homework and yeah...that was my day yesterday.
It's still early in the morning here so nothing much happened...I just woke up, started my Anatomy & Physiology homework and had a video conversation with Mongo ^^. I miss Mongo. He joined the army and I haven't seen him for ages :(.
Then Mongo went out so I continued with my homework and when mum was trying to start the car to get to work...the car didn't start as I am writing this blog -.-! The car is new too! We only bought it a few months ago (it's a Holden Barina). I just called the Holden Roadside Service people and they should be here in about an hour... Well...I hope they get the car's a good car (or so we thought it was...) and mum's getting really stressed out :S

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Blogger Bird said...

Just relax, your mom gets stressed about everything, don't join her :P

Monday, April 03, 2006 1:06:00 am  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

but it's the genes!! >.<

Monday, April 03, 2006 1:10:00 am  

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