Thursday, March 30, 2006


Time started: 10:49pm
Place: My room
Weather: Calm
Mood: Happy

This is quite a contrast to my last blog isn't it? I'm feeling very happy. I felt happy a few hours I did my last blog. I think I suffer from bipolar disorder because I'm either really happy or depressed. Anyway...after the blog I stayed up all night pretending to do homework (but really I was just talking to Lou and Erik all night). ERIK GOT MY LETTER! YAY!! ^.^
In the morning I went to school (yay... -.-) and nothing much happened. We had an hour break in between though which was cool. After our Design and Innovation tutorial in the morning Kat and I went to Casuarina. I bought a webcam and a microphone and I was like...YAY.
We say Nadine and her boyfriend (I don't know what his name is) and we had lunch together. I had chicken tandoori from Maccas :D (they had something healthy! :D)
Then we walked around aimlessly around Casuarina and as we went to the library we saw our younger-still-in-high-school friends coming back from school. I was glad to see them. Haven't seen them for AGES!!
At 3pm Katerina and I went back to my place and played around with my new toy ^^. Jasper was the first victim of my first toy's use. The microphone sounds so good! Then I had a crazy audio conversation with John and Meiling (they're CRAZY!!). Katerina went even crazier with the mic and cam. She's so evil when she's having fun :S
Later it was time for Kat to go back to school. I just had a bit of an afternoon nap, then had dinner...then did homework...and talked to Jasper and my aunt with my new toy :P
Meh...don't have much to say...just really happy today ^_^.

Time finished: 11:35pm
Weather: Just stopped raining
Mood: Light-hearted


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