Saturday, March 25, 2006

What an Awesome Day!

Time started: 12:48am
Place: My room
Weather: Fine
Mood: Extremely Happy

Well...I started my day by calling Erik who's all the way in Sweden. I could only talk to him for 5 minutes though (although it felt like 5 seconds) but it was cool :D *bounce bounce bounce*
Anyway...after he went to bed I got bored so I took random photos of me in my room and produced "Out there..." and "Self Expression" (in my deviantart gallery). Sadly it was then time for school and I had a very boring 1 hour Anatomy and Physiology Tutorial from 11-12pm (but it was only 1 hour...all good).
Then I had lunch with Jade, Eliza and Katerina. Nothing much happened except us eating XD
Then we went to the computer labs to study for out A & P test (which we were going to do online straight after).
*Dramatic music* dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn! It was time to do our test! We chose the quietest room possible and OFF WE WENT! WIEE!! I got 17/20 for the test! YAY! I thought I was going to fail!! Then I went to hand in my assignments that were due that day. YAY! NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEKEND! YAY!! I feel so bloody relieved!
Anyway...after school...Kat and I took the bus to Casuarina and had some chips then caught our own buses home. On my bus ride I produced "Going Home" (also featured in my gallery). Then I got into the whole photography thing so I went home, to the back of my house, and produced "Just Around the Corner" ( dA again).
Evening arrived and Antje and Rose (the two students living at my house) wanted to go night shopping. I drove them to Casuarina and they went ballistic with the food shopping XD. They then begged me to drive them to the other side of Darwin (it's only 10 minutes away though...Darwin's small...) because they had a birthday party to attend to. Ahh well...I like driving so that was a bonus ^^
After I abandoned (nah not really) the girls at their party I went home and talked to people (in a very happy manner) on msn ^^. Happy happy joy joy. I had an emailing marathon with Samantha (since she wasnt allowed to be on msn) and now my inbox contains 2 consecutive pages of her emails! Go us! Had fun talking to Erik too (even though we had a phone convo in the morn) and now Samantha is his pet duck! Hehe...
Birdie got on as well and haven't seen him for ages :D!! Love his randomness! <3>
*bounce bounce bounce* I like this temporary freedom! I can't wait til I get to Liz's! *bounces*
I should get off now coz mother's getting cranky (my typing is keeping her awake)

Time finished: 1:11am (Woohoo! triple 1! How cool!) XP
Weather: Fine!


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