Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rebecca is back/Emily has her licence!/Drawing and Teaching/Cyclone Monica's coming!

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Hmm...I haven't written a blog in ages. I'll start with "Rebecca is back"

Rebecca is back:
Today I woke up at around 8am to go to school early and do my 6 assignments that were due today (hehe, talk about last minute). Well...I woke up early, but I went back to sleep again X_x. I said I'd meet Eliza at 9:30 am. She messaged me when it was close to 10 and my reaction was "OH S***!". I got ready as fast as I could and bolted to the computer labs where I was going to meet Eliza.
When I got there Eliza was busy with her chemistry practical write up. She was nearly finished. I just started my practical write up when I got there. Luckily it didn't take me too long to finish it. I wasn't in the right mind that day either because of the previous events the night before with Jarrad *grumbles*. Eliza went on with her 5 other microbiology assignments (which I had failed to start....hehe...) and soon got them done before she had to leave at 2:30pm. I got mine done half an hour after her which was good ^^. I think I did well with the assignments too. I handed in my and Eliza's assignments then went home to rest. Five hours straight of doing assignments really wears out your brain.
Anyway, at 6pm Erin and Brentley arrived. Erin was picking me up to take me to Hog's Breath Cafe (it's really a restaurant...) to meet up with Rebecca who came to visit from Katherine. I went over to Erin's for a while because Erin and Brentley had to take a shower. Then at quarted to 7 we went to pick up Emily and went to the city. When we arrived at the restaurant we walked in and Rebecca was nowhere to be found. We walked out and rang her mobile to ask where she was. "I'm in here waiting for you guys...where are you?" so we went back in again to look for her. Ahh...THERE she is XD.
We waited for about 15 minutes for a table then we finally got one. We ordered our meals (3 of us got Chicken Dijoinaise because we decided to be special) and waited for Lani who was supposed to arrive later. Yay! Lani arrived and we happily ate together and had odd conversations like we usually have. After our dinner we went to Rebecca's apartment just to sit and chat with each other for a while. Emily made this strange comment about Erin being a 40 year old man and Lani bursted into wild laughter for about 30 straight minutes (we had no idea why she found it so funny but it was amusing to watch her...). We stayed there until around 10:30pm then decided it was time for us to go home. Erin drove me and Emily home while we sang to Panic! At the Disco's album playing in the car ^^.
When I got home I just chatted with some friends online. Yay! Jarrad and I are talking to each other again XD. Anyway...late at night I watched a few episodes of Naruto (just because I was really bored) then went ot bed.

Emily has her licence!:
I slept in again -.-;;. I was supposed to wake up at 7:30am and walk over to Emily's house. I woke up at 8:15am from Emily messaging me asking when I was going to come...oops...I told her I slept in so she told me not to worry and she was going to pick me up. I got ready for her arrival then yay! Emily's here...with her car...with her DRIVING...with her LICENCE! About time she got her licence >__<" poor bugger XD. We had much doubt about which way Harvey Norman was too. We just kept driving down the highway and we knew that Harvey Norman was near this other place called "Wow". We were at these set of traffic lights and I said "hmm...maybe Harvey Norman isn't along this road. We should be there by now *looks to her right*...OH! WOW!" XD. Hahahahahahahaha...ha...heh...ehem...well...it was funny at the time! OKAY?! Yay! We arrived at Harvey Norman (for some odd reason Emily was going "WE'RE GONNA DIE! WE'RE GONNA DIE!" when we entered into the carpark (she's scared of her own driving lol). At Harvey Norman we tried to look for sofas that matched our shoes (there wasn't much success) then we looked at laptops and cameras and phones etc etc etc. When we got bored of Harvey Norman we went to Wow, the other electrical superstore. We had fun browsing the CDs they were selling (Yay! They had albums other than mainstream in there ^^). Soon we got bored of Wow too and so Emily drove us home. This was the last time I'd see Rebecca in a while so I gave her a hug and said goodbye. When I got home, I can't remember what I did. I think I just did homework and went online for pretty much the rest of the day. Drawing and Teaching:
Dang it >_< come ="S.">_<;;; It's not fair *cries*. He did have an image manipulating program though. I only had Paint XP. Anyway, when I was tired I went to bed. And now...time for the IMPORTANT part of this blog...

Cyclone Monica's coming!:
I woke up with no worries. It was 8am and I was about to head off to school to do some homework. Then I talked to Katerina before I was about to go and she reminded me about the cyclone warning. Gargh! I skipped school today so I could prepare for it. I packed up all my important belongings, filled in containers with drinking water and WORRIED!! X_x
If you want to know about it here's the site regarding the cyclone:
http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDD65811.shtml (I don't know if this website updates itself or not...I got this site today.)
Well anyway, the cyclone's category 5, its name is Monica (in case you couldn't tell >_O), erm...it has the potential to wipe out the entire town...and is HEADING THIS WAY!! X_x
So...if I'm not online for a while...you'll know why (no no no! Don't assume I'm dead! It just means we've got no power and stuff...mih...I COULD be dead >_> but nah...I refuse to die hehe >_O).
After I packed up stuff I was really tired. I slept for a bit (wow, I've been sleeping a lot lately) and watched Naruto on my computer. Then I ate dinner, watched weather reports on TV (the cyclone's still coming) and got my lazy bum onto the computer again to talk to my friends (a lot of my Darwin friends aren't too worried...they're quite excited actually...).
Then I realised I haven't written a blog for ages so here I am...
Hmm...I hope I get to update this blog further in the future (in other words I hope I survive).
To all those reading this...TAKE CARE! I LOVE YOU ALL! *Hugs and kisses* I'm sure I'll survive the cyclone >_O

Tuesday's edit:
Well...the cyclone was heading the other way for a while (and it's down to category 1) but now it's heading back to Darwin again but it will merely be a bother. Don't worry...we're all going to stay alive XD.

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Weather: Still calm before the storm
Mood: Hmm...I'm not sure...happy and worried at the same time? O_o


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