Monday, June 19, 2006

Sleep Overs and THE Match!

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Place: My room
Weather: Boring
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On Saturday there was a party at Liz's. The occasion was Sinead being in Darwin to visit from Brisbane. I was happy because my friends could finally properly meet Eliza since I got her to come to the party too. Erin came to pick me up at around 5:30pm. Ross hitched a ride with us too. We got to Liz's at quarter to 6 and the aromas of chocolate cake baking filled up my nostrils and smelt bloody good! Liz and Sinead were making a chocolate cake ^.^
At 6:45pm Erin, Brentley and I drove to Palmeston Bus Depot to meet up with Eliza who had to get dropped off by her sister. While we were waiting for her at the depot carpark, we sat on the car, turned up Panic! At the Disco with the CD Player in the car and just sang ^.^
Yay! Eliza finally arrived and we drove back to Liz's. I think Eliza was a bit intimidated at first with my friends since she didn't know anyone there but me. We were all crazy too...but then is Eliza XD.
Later in the evening we put our money together and Sara, Lani, Sinead, Eliza and I drove to the Woolworth's store in Coolinga (just so they could perve on this hot staff apparently...) to buy some food. Then we went to get pizza from Dominoes and went back to Liz's to provide our friends with food.
When we got back, everyone were watching "Coupling" ^.^ then we stuffed ourselves with pizza and Liz's chocolate cake...mmmm...
Then we chucked on some DVDs. The first thing we attempted to watch was "Confidence" but the first 5 minutes of the movie seemed really boring so we stopped watching it and went with "Eurotrip". It would've been an alright movie if there weren't so many bloody naked people. What is it with the breasts and penises?! I guess it's for those uh...sad..people... >_>;;
After that we watched Benny & Joon and's such a lovely movie ^_^. Johnny Depp did a very good job acting in that movie. <3>_<;;) Eliza and I tried to go to sleep in the living room and we did at 4:30am. We slept well for 2 hours, then my mother woke us up to get us to sleep in my room, since she was going to work and no longer sleeping in my bed. I slept well for another 3 hours. Eliza slept for another 5 and a half. I wanted to wake her up but she just looked so peaceful I couldn't... She woke up at midday so I cooked Spaghetti Bolognaise for the both of us. Then we watched some more Naruto on my computer. We did that until 4:30pm, then Eliza and I walked to the Casuarina bus depot so she could catch the bus home. It was nice to have her around, with my friends, and over at my place. I must say I had a very nice weekend. However I must get cracking with my studying. In this blog I did not mentioned what has happened throughout the last 2 weeks. Well...I developed a boil on my left arm near the elbow. It grew really big, and chances were that it was going to infect my joint. I went to the doctors and they performed 5 consecutive surgeries on me the week before exam week. With all that surgery...I couldn't possibly study, so instead of doing the exams when they were scheduled...the university allowed me to do the exams next month, instead. The up side is...I have an extra month to study...the down side is...I won't have a 4 week holiday. I would've finished the university semester by now...*sigh*. Well...I think I'll go study now. I'm having great difficulty processing the information into my simpleton brain, and if I don't cram the information grades are going to suffer! Just got one thing left to say: GO THE SOCCEROOS! I'M SO BLOODY PROUD OF YOU! Time finished: 9:26pm Weather: Not as cool as I'd like it to be... Mood: A bit better...but could still be better...


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