Sunday, September 10, 2006

Revision, Reimers, and Revision

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Yesterday I just studied Organic Chemistry all day. Well, at least I tried to study. I think I pretty much procrastinated for the whole day.
I taught Melissa at 3pm. She was struggling with "The Entertainer" for the last few weeks but today she really picked up on the piece and her dynamics were impressive. There were still a few hiccups but overall her performance was rather impressive. Her "Dance of the Sugar Plum Faery" still needed a bit of improvement though, in terms of technique. Nonetheless, I was still proud of Melissa. She should be ready for her exam in November.

After teaching her I went back to "studying". Then later in the afternoon, Ms Reimers (my year 12 biology teacher) came to pop in a visit which was a bit of a surprise. She was walking her dog and saw my mother outside watering the plants.
To be honest I never really liked Ms Reimers in high school. Mostly because her method of teaching wasn't particularly motivating, neither were the marks that she gave. Usually I respect teachers who mark their students hard but Ms Reimers irationally and ridiculously marked us waaaaaay harder than the marks we deserve.
However, I had a rough time in year 12, and Ms Reimers got worried about me. So, I felt really guilty thinking of her so lowly. Ms Reimers is a dedicated Christian, and she said she prayed for me every day. Yesterday she said that she still did. I felt very lucky to have a caring teacher. She seemed happy to see that I was going well in University. Although at the beginning I was a bit afraid when I heard she was over, but after chatting to her, I felt really happy to see someone I haven't seen for quite a while. Still I don't think she's the best teacher I've ever had, she's far from it, but I gained more respect and love for her after her visit yesterday. I realised what a wonderful person she actually was.

Anyway...after she left...I decided I had enough of studying so I watched a bit of TV, then bummed around on msn. I was delighted to see my cousin, Chee Meng, finally getting msn. I had a video conversation with him and made him happy ^.^
Chee Meng was diagnosed with epilepsy three years ago. Since then he's been trying to recover. He's recovering well at the moment but he's still battling depression. *Sigh*. Chee Meng is a wonderful guy. It's hard to see him like this. He emails me every day and I feel so bad not having the time to check them and reply to them.
Well, he seemed to be alright and was really nice to talk to him last night :)

After talking to Chee Meng...Ryan and I had some fun on our vid convo. EXCEPT HE KEPT ON SCREEN SHOOTING MY FACES! >:0 DANG YOU! >_<;;. After our "lovely" conversation, we went to bed.

Today I woke up, went to the uni library (which is where I am now) and studied for 4 hours on Organic Chemistry. Now I've realised that it actually isn't as hard as I anticipated (before I actually studied for it properly lol...). Naseem makes life so difficult. Who needs lectures when you've got a decent textbook that explains things to you more clearly?! Gargh...sometimes attending classes at uni can be so pointless. Well...I'm glad that I got 3 topics down today...I just hope I'll do fine for my midsemester exam on Thursday *stress*.
Now I'm done with the studying so I'm on the computer writing up a blog.

Now it's time for me to go...
I gotta go home and teach for 2 hours.

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