Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jazzi, Doorknocking, Mindil, Dang Digestive System, Sea Money

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Jazzi (Monday):
Jasmine only arrived in Darwin a few days earlier so I decided to catch up with her to go for a walk at Casuarina beach with Danmei. It was really nice to see her again (and because I'm a female, she said it looked like I lost weight since the last time she saw me thus I was happy hehe...just kidding...I really don't give a stuff...however my mother was happy to hear this).
The tide was high, and there were no clouds in the sky. Quite disappointing can't have a spectacular sunset without any clouds in the sky to reflect different coloured lights. Ahh well, it was still beautiful how the sun turned amber red as it was saying its warm goodbyes to the beach.
I was not wearing my thongs and was wearing my converse shoes (due to the fact I can't walk without swelling my ankles and putting them through pain while walking in them) so it was rather difficult walking with the tide chasing up after your feet while you're not willing to get them wet...
I guess it was rather amusing since I was running from side to side the entire time, trying to be as close to my friends as possible (who had their feet in the water) without getting my shoes wet.
Life was relaxing at that moment. The beach can do amazing things to your mind.

Doorknocking (Wednesday):
Yay! The time had come to knock on people's houses and demand money from them! Nyahahaha. I was accompanied by Danmei, my faithful friend. We had no luck in the first few houses because they were either away or they just didn't want to donate (I was doing the doorknock appeal for the heart foundation incase you didn't know). Finally we started to get some donations after the first few houses. We met some really nice people and it was nice to see them willing to help. There was this one man that I remembered very well. His house was certainly not the best one in the street. Neither was he the most respectable person you'd come across. He was skinny and frail and somewhat unclean. When we knocked on his door and asked him if he liked to donate he had a sad look in his eyes and said "I'd love to help but I'm flat out broke...". Naturally, we smiled and said "no worries" and we were about to walk off to knock on the next house. Then he stopped us and said "Wait! I might have some change. Do you accept change?" and we said "Of course. Any donation is greatly appreciated." He gave us in total $1.55. It was the least amount out of everyone who donated but to me it was worth the most in heart. Why is this? Because he told us "This is all that I've got right now...I was just singing in town to earn some money to feed my son...I believe in Karma." and he smiled and closed the door. It made me remarkably sad to see such a man having to struggle to survive for him and his son. He lived amongst some fortunate people who did or did not donate and despite what he was going through, he helped us with his small donation. I hope one day that Karma is kind to him. He did a very honourable and admirable thing.
Anyway, a few houses next Danmei and I encountered this really cute kitten who appeared to be very fond of us. It meowed at us friendly and rubbed on us as its greeting. It reminded me very much of my own cat.
Finally we got to the end of the designated street I had to doorknock. Danmei and I by that time were exhausted, hot, sweaty, dehydrated but very happy to have done our good deed.
We collected a total of $179.80 for "the charity that can beat heart disease". I hope it comes to good help for the charity.

Mindil (Thursday):
ABOUT TIME I WENT TO THE MINDIL BEACH MARKETS! I can't call myself a Darwinian without ever going to the Mindil Beach Markets! After Eliza and I had our shower and dinner from coming home from uni, I took the car, picked up Kylie, and the three of us went to Mindil *bounces happily*. While we were driving there we were happily listening to our favourite band and album, "Frengers" by Mew ^_^. When we arrived at Mindil I instantly liked the atmosphere. I loved the multicultural feel, the live music, and how people there genuinely enjoyed being there. We walked around the stalls looking at random things of our interest then all of a sudden these hands from behind covered my eyes. It was the typical "guess who this is" action and I couldn't figure out who it was. I turned around and it was REAGAN! *crash tackle hugs Reagan*. Reagan's been friends with me since I was 5 and I haven't seen him for quite a while. At around the same time, Evan and J.D. bumped into us. I haven't seen them for ages either! Evan was my high school friend and J.D. was my primary school AND high school friends (and I haven't seen him for YEARS!). It was really, really nice to catch up with them :)
Us girls then walked around aimlessly looking mostly at interesting jewellery and the weird and wonderful items that were on display for purchase. Kylie and Eliza bought themselves rope bracelets.
Later we were around the food stalls. My lovely friend, Jordan told me to buy lime juice with honey and tell her my experience with it, so I did. It was the first time I tried it and WHAM! I was refreshed instantly! The tangyness of the lime kicked in in no time soon accompanied by a smooth, sweet aftertaste of the honey. It was pure bliss (besides the fact that I was developing a stomach ache from the cold drink)!
We walked around some more later then Eliza bought herself a coconut shell ring and I bought myself a bead necklace. Then the markets were closing so we drove back to uni to do some research in the computer labs.

Dang Digestive System (Friday)!
Blah...I don't even want to talk about this in detail. Eliza and I did our online test on the digestive system for anatomy & physiology today. I'll just say that the questions were really pathetically written and our efforts on trying to figure out the right answers weren't really worth the results we got...
Ahh well...we'll kick butt next time ^^

Sea Money (Friday)
In the late afternoon, Jasmine, Danmei and I went for a walk at Casuarina Beach again. Jasmine was to head back to Melbourne later on tonight so I just had to have one last walk with her. We collected sea money from the sand while listening to Danmei talk about the history of China (which was rather intriguing). If you're wondering what sea money's kinda hard to explain what they are (since I forgot what they're actually called and me explaining things at 3:36am is um...a rather complicated task...). Basically they're just dried up sea creatures that look like white coins with a star pattern right in the middle hence their nickname "Sea Money" ^^.
As the sun set, we walked back home and said our goodbyes. *Sigh* I miss Jasmine :(
While Danmei and I were walking back home, we came across this gorgeous chihuahua puppy ^^. It was the sweetest thing <3.>

Hmm...that's pretty much the highlights of my week.

Just a further note on this blog. Today's the 30th of September so I must say the following:

That is all ^^

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