Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All is Well After All!!! ^.^

Time started: 9:51pm
Place: My room
Weather: Not bad

I just came home from the A.M.E.B. meeting at Novatel at the city. I spoke to Monica, the piano examiner about my students and discussed my queries. She said that she's had a discussion with the other teachers about it too and said it was not to worry and that she has written a good report for my students which is a relief. The best thing is she remembered them (after assessing probably 100 students already) playing very well so yay! That is a VERY good thing to hear :D.
I can't wait to call my students tomorrow to let them know it's all okay and they should put their mind at ease! ALL IS WELL!
That's all I really need to say for today *attempts to get back to work...however distractions awaits her*

Time finished: 10:25pm
Weather: Cooling down
Mood: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! <-- self explanatory once again xD


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