Friday, October 13, 2006

Ice Cream, Kidneys, & Pluvers

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Yesterday Eliza, Kyle and I spent pretty much the whole day in the computer labs doing work and procrastinating x). It was quite fun. Kyle's a funny bugger. We wrote down quotes of him all day xD. One of them was "I was a real enzyme freak.". Haha, you probably wouldn't find that funny but Eliza and I did for some strange reason. Yes...everything amuses us ^^

Anyhoo...I discovered that I could be a good ninja xD. I was sitting right next to Eliza for the entire time and at one stage she said "I feel like chips...something salty, savory...". Then I got my wallet out and checked for coins. Eliza didn't say a thing and I thought to myself: Yay! She's not stopping me! I got up and left the room, she still didn't stop me. I bought sour cream and onion chips off the vending machine (her fave and mine too ^^). Then I walked back into the room, the chips behind my back, then I threw them at her and she was like "AAH! HUI-MIN!" and later she said "I DIDN'T EVEN REALISE YOU WERE GONE! When you came through the door I was thinking huh? Why is Hui-Min at the door?" xD. She's so cute! xD I have elite ninja skills....muahahahaha! I still can't believe she didn't notice me gone though. I feel so invisible T_T *sniffles*.

After uni hours, last night, I took Eliza and Emily to Cool Spot in Fannie Bay for some ice-cream. I haven't seen Emily in a long time and it was great to see her again ^.^
I wish Eliza would stop SCARING ME WHILE I WAS DRIVING though X_x;; I can't believe I'm alive to write this blog. She kept on poking me and going "RAAAR!" while grabbing my leg while I was driving. It was terrifying! X_x
Can I just say I looooooove mint choc chip ice cream? XD

After eating our lovely ice creams we went to the gun turrets in East Point. First we went to this playground. It was fun while it lasted...but then this creepy guy walked towards us and said "so where are you from?" and us three were dead silent and immediately walked back to the car lol. Thank goodness he didn't come chasing after us ^^. Emily had a stanley knife on her keyring. I think that's so cool. After we got into the car, we drove into the gun turrets. Emily attempted to climb it but couldn't so we forgot about climbing it and just goofed around in the pleasant evening breeze instead. Then these weird guys in cars drove around with loud music so we were like meh...peo
ple...and left xD. We drove around the city (and Eliza was scaring me every now and then in the process) and the wharf, then we wanted to visit Kyle but he didn't pick up his phone (he was sleeping) so we had enough, drove Emily home, and Eliza and I went to the computer labs and um...did nothing productive lol. The guards closed the labs at nearly 3am so we went home and slept like babies x).

Kyle woke me up that morning at 10:30am asking me whether the laboratory session today was important or not xD. *Mutters under her breath* yes... -___-;; Our practical on the kidney today was...interesting x). Eliza, Jade, and Tirza did something out of the ordinary today :D. I'm not gonna mention it though because they might kill me xD. *Sighs contently* good times, good times...

After the practical, I went home and tried to go to sleep. I managed to sleep for about 15 minutes eventually, but then there was this horrendous knocking on my bedroom window. Danmei was knocking on it. was time for our evening walk xD. On our way to the beach, we got atta
cked by a couple of pluvers (now known as flapwings ) outside the student on campus buildings. We didn't see their chicks. A couple of guys who lived on campus heard us screaming and saw us running around trying to defend ourselves from the swooping birds. I think they were quite amused...
Eventually we managed to get away from the pluvers unharmed and got to the beach ^^. I'm going to miss the Darwin sunsets next year T_T. I reckon we have the best sunsets in the world.
Anyhoo...when we were walking back home after the sunset...we encounted more pluvers -.-;;. They swooped at us again...THEY ARE SO SCARY! T_T
I admire pluvers...they guard their chicks with their lives :). I gained a lot of respect for them today xD. Especially when I saw one chase a car as it was driving near by. Hahaha...just picture this little bird, chasing a car while screeching at

Today is Samantha Cubillo's 19th birthday and I must acknowledge it since she is a funky wunky friend ^.^
I love you Sammy!!!!!
I hope to see you soon, because I have not seen you for yoooooonks!


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