Sunday, October 22, 2006

'Twas a good weekend! ^^

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Friday morn I woke up to the oh so pleasant vibrations of my mobile phone going "mrr mrr mrr....mrr mrr mrr" as Eliza sent me a message to ask if I could meet her in the computer labs earlier, so bright and early in the morning! *Overjoyed smile with a zombie brain* :D -.-
I got my zombie self ready and dragged my arse out to the computer labs.
We did our third anatomy & physiology online test and got great results :D. Eliza got 19/20 and I decided to gamble with one of the questions to aim for a 20/20 but got 18/20 instead but I'm still happy ^^.
Later in the arvo Eliza, and two of her friends, Emma and Ashley, and I went to Casuarina and had lunch at fasta pasta. It was quite enjoyable ^.^. Eliza helped me with $2 for my lunch...she's so sweet ^.^
We stayed at fasta pasta for like an hour and a half just sitting there and talking (or in me and Ashley's case listening hehe) about random stuff.
Then we went to the shopping centre and the girls went to look at make up but I went off on my own to do some "important stuff" which I will not reveal just yet incase a particular someone is reading this and this person is not supposed to know what this "important stuff" is. I will reveal it when the time for it to be revealed comes :D. The "important stuff" I did put me on a high all day :D. There's nothing better than doing the "important stuff" I did ^.^. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D *prances around her room in sheer joy*
Anyhoo...I finished my important stuff at 5:30pm then I took the bus home and goodness...what did I do again? *thinks really hard (shush! Min is capable of thinking every once in a while! >:0), well...I was expressing my incredible happiness to several friends msn, then went to watch some TV with mum and then procrastinated for the rest of the night (shush! I am capable of doing productive work too! T_T).
Wiee...Naruto ep 206 came out so I watched it late that night lol xD. Yeah...then I went to bed hehe. I had the best sleep ever! woke up at 11am (which is already pretty late) and was awake for about half an hour before I went back to sleep again and woke up at 2pm! How long did I sleep for? *counts* wow! 13 hours! I SLEPT FOR A WHOLE 13 HOURS!!! *cries with tears of joy*
It feels so great to sleep that long considering I used to sleep on an average of 2 hours a week for 3 years...
Well...I had me brunch (breakfast x lunch) at 2:30 then held a workshop with Melissa and Kae-jenn (my students) at 3 to prepare for their piano exams on Monday. It was so much fun :D. I got Melissa to be Kae-jenn's examiner and vice versa. Melissa and I got Kae-jenn to sing "Que Sera, Sera" while he played it on the piano. IT WAS SO GORGEOUS! SO CUTE! WAH!! *dies*. Both of them were so good. I'm blessed with musical students! It was pure bliss listening to them play! They developed so much over the past year or two, the time I've taught them. Wah! I love them so much! I can't bear to leave them next year T_T. The workshop ended an hour and a half later and I gave them 3 mini mars bars each (one for Saturday, one for Sunday and one for before the exam on Monday).
After the workshop I did some homework and studying til about 7:30ish then bummed around for the rest of the night x).
Rebecca and I went psycho with posting on our special forum (which consists of only 10 girls, my gorgeous circle of friends in high school...we called ourselves "The Herd"). It is nice to be able to post random crap to each other even though high school is over and we're not physically together anymore. *feels all warm and fuzzy inside* ^^ I LOVE YOU, MY LOVELY HERD OF BUFFALOES! xD

Nyah...attempted to go to bed early (1:30 in the morn...which is pretty early for me actually hehe). Then I had a nightmare that night. I dreamt that I was being disected alive by my friend Katerina. sounds funny I guess...but it was a horrible dream! It was disgusting and twisted and meh? Of all people...Katerina? What does this mean? I don't think Katerina's disected anything in her life! *cries* it was a horrible dream! >_<;; I thought my nightmares were over :(
Meh...woke up at 8am this morning by my mother ever so graciously shaking me by the shoulders...thanks mum...good morning to you too... -.-
I drove mum to Casuarina at 10 so she can do some early morning shopping. I went to the music store to buy Mila (one of my students) a music book because she needed a new one.
I went home at 10:30 and waited for Emily to come. She was supposed to come at 11 but came at 11:30 instead xD. I helped her with her aural to help her prepare for her flute exam. many music exams! It gives me terrible memories of the last exam I did 2 years ago where I walked out of the room shaking and crying lol because it was such a big and important exam for me. I couldn't believe I was able to play fine on the piano while my fingers were continuously, vigorously shaking from nerves. Come to think of whole BODY was shaking hehe... xD
Anyhoo...after helping her with aural, Em came into my room and together we looked at random AFI music vids/interviews on youtube (because she is so overly obsessed with AFI lol). At 2:30 she left and at 3 I taught Mila. Mila has been slack...she didn't show much progress in her lesson today -.-;;. How do I push and urge a 7 year old as cute and sweet as Mila to practise?! Well...she was dilligent for quite a while...I told her parents about it when they came to pick her up. I hope she shows sign of improvement on Thursday when I teach her next.

Well...that was pretty much my weekend so far. I think I'll spend the rest of it doing my homework. Wish me luck on not procrastinating.

All I have left to say is:
GOOD LUCK KAE-JENN AND MELISSA! I HOPE YOU BLOW THE EXAMINER AWAY WITH YOUR SPECTACULAR PLAYING! MAKE MIN MIN PROUD! lol...whatever the outcome...I'll still always be proud of them because I know they're remarkable pianists and they work so hard. LOVE YOU BOTH! WISH MY STUDENTS LUCK FOR ME PLEASE!!! ^^ x)

Ya...that is all...
I'll post another entry tomorrow about how I think my students went in their exam ^^.
That's all for now :D

Time finished: 7:09pm
Weather: There's still nothing happening...I'M WAITING FOR THE ENDLESS RAINY DAYS!
Mood: Happy, excited and tired at the same time.


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