Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Piano Exams and My Delicate Little Flower

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I woke up bright and early to get ready to go to my students' piano exams. They arrived at my place at 8:30am looking very smart in terms of dress code. We were all excited. The parents drove us to the music building in uni and we patiently sat outside the examination room waiting for the examiner to call the students in one by one.
Eventually she came and Kae-jenn was first up. From outside I could hear his scales (which sounded brilliant) and his pieces (which did not fail to impress me and got me over the moon once again). However he came out looking grim. I asked him what's wrong and he just bursted into tears and said "she asked me to do these scales I never heard of and she made me sight read after my pieces" and I was like "what?!? Kae-jenn! What scale did she ask you?" and he said "I don't know...she told me I had to do chromatic and something about a broken chord", "an arpeggio?" "yes..." and then I was completely outraged! Kae-jenn is doing First Grade For Leisure and according to the syllabus he didn't have to know the chromatic scale or the arpeggio. Neither did he have to do sight reading...DEFINITELY not sight reading...not til grade 3 or 4...
Melissa was up next and I was feeling sick in the stomach. Again she played brilliantly with her scales, and her pieces, just like Kae-jenn. When she came out she told me "She asked me to do weird scales and told me to sight read too...". Melissa was doing Second Grade For Leisure. She also said "the examiner didn't look very impressed...". I feel absolutely horrible...what if my students failed or didn't get a mark they hoped for? What if it's my fault I didn't teach them what was required? I am so sure I taught them everything! I looked at the teaching syllabus again...I didn't miss anything! I'm sure of it! There is no way the things she asked them to do were prerequisites of their grade! I refuse to believe it!
Tomorrow I have a meeting with the other piano teachers and the A.M.E.B. (Australian Music Examinations Board) officials and I'm going to talk to them about what happened to my students...hopefully I'll get to speak to the examiner as well. It would break my students' hearts if they got m
arked down simply because they didn't get taught something they were supposed to know. I hope I'm not at fault but I'm really really REALLY sure that I taught them everything required. The examiner must've made some sort of mistake...she HAS to have...it just doesn't make any sense...
The problem is I'm a novice teacher...and she's a professional, long time A.M.E.B. examiner from Russia...I think the odds are against me...
*Sigh* Melissa and Kae-jenn should get a high distinction...that's what they deserve...I just feel so awful!
Well...one thing's for sure...nothing is going to make me stop being proud of them. They're such lovely students...and friends...they worked so hard...
Well hopefully things will be sorted out tomorrow...
I don't want to think about it anymore...

Anyway...there is a second purpose to this entry. I'm supposed to dedicate it to Ryan because he's a whiner (yes! You call me a sook...I call you a whiner! That's the way it works! >:0 ) and he asked me to >_<;;! He's supposed to be my "delicate little flower" xD. Nyawh! x3 *tackle hugs*.
Rebecca, Daniel, Ryan...I must say the conversation we had today was um....interesting...and um...worrying >_>;; (ick!). Yes...we had an interesting conversation today. I'm sure everyone has interesting conversations from time to time x). Let's just say the snowflake wasn't what it should be and the delicate little flower was um...most definitely not so delicate xD. Nu! No asking for details *shudders remembering* or I shall be forced to k33l you and stuff you in my box of corpsesesssssssss :D!!!

This evening I went for a walk with Danmei. I haven't gone out for a walk for a whole week because I was so slack hehe. We didn't manage to get to the beach like we normally did because it was already late so we just kinda walked around the suburb. While we were walking I can't remember what we said but I was playfully cursing Jasper then I tripped over. Then I said "Jasper must be cursing me back" then I tripped over again. Then Danmei said "Dang you, Jasper!" and then SHE tripped over xD. It was very funny xD. Then we went to Danmei's dorm. Her dad was in there already. I haven't seen him for ages and her dad and I had a nice discussion about my future xD. After our little discussion he kindly offered me a lift home although I lived 5 minutes away (but it was already dark).

When I went home, I took a shower, ate dinner and watched TV with mum. Mum was perving on some man on TV. "This guy's hot!" (it is very typical of mum...it's strange how I'm completely the opposite to her...). Then she said "Men here are only good looking when they become of age...like after 30. Teenage boys here aren't very good looking". And now I have to add this in to make Ryan feel good about himself and love himself even more because he's a piece of rubbish >_< (and this is supposed to be an entry dedicated to him after all): Moments later my mother appeared to be thinking and said "Except for Ryan...Ryan is so hot!" (and this is when I choke and die from such a horrendous statement). "He is! He's incredibly good looking" (again I was suffering from agony after hearing that about Ryan *mutters*).

I got to talk to Jasper tonight ^.^ (yes, I love my nii-san very much incase you didn't notice hehe). Poor guy is feeling down again but by the end of our conversation he told me "Don't worry, nii-san is happy!" and I hope he was telling the truth!

Tonight I discovered that Jordan left a comment on my msn space blog. YAY! SHE LEFT ME A COMMENT! *Overjoyed*
Don't worry, Jordan, you will not be left in suspense forever! Goodness gracious, Jordan. You're SUCH a LOVELY, WONDERFUL FRIEND I literally BOUNCE just THINKING about you x). You are the BEES KNEES! *heart bubbles*

I managed to resist checking my messages and new deviations on deviantart today (sorry to all you deviantartists though, except for CJ who's probably happy I didn't reply to our 17 comment conversations on deviantart) to do a bit of my Biology pracs. I didn't get much done though. It's the "uni-is-nearly-over-for-the-year" syndrome. My brain is already on holiday mode. I don't want to finish off these last few assignments and prepare for my exams T_T. Bleh...I'll dedicate myself to finish off with flying colours (or the best of my attempts to). Min does not give up so easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (=<

Anyhoo...I am tired and I should end this entry quickly and go to sleep. I will end it with a testimony to Ryan.
He is a funny widdle bugger (Yes, I called you a widdle bugger...DEAL WITH IT! >:0 ). He never fails to make me laugh. I hate to admit it, but he's funny (sometimes)...dangit >_<;;
Erm...he's a kind, warm and caring friend which is more than any friend could ask for and I WUV HIM TO BITS! ^^
I ALSO KNOW ABOUT THE ICE-CREAM INCIDENT *refrains from being a sook* I will let you off the hook JUST THIS ONCE only because you were loyal enough to keep your title as "Delicate Little Flower" xD. BUT IF YOU DO IT AGAIN I WILL BE FORCED TO SOOK! UNDERSTAND?! That is all xD
Love always, your Snowflake ^.^


Wish me luck with the A.M.E.B. meeting tomorrow (or should I say today since it's past midnight)!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwww, tanks min. Even though you tried to make it look horrible your love for me shines through.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:26:00 am  
Blogger •°¤*(¯`°ƒåήğזє°´¯)*¤°• said...

ick! it's only a one off thing, Ryan. I still think you're a lousy piece of rubbish that needs to be disposed of.
Just coz I said "I wuv you to bits" it does NOT mean that I will show you my bewbies...UNDERSTAND?!
on another note...
you're most welcome *hugs* <3

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 2:22:00 pm  

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