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Emily came over during the evening and we just watched a DVD of AFI performing at Long Beach California. They seemed pretty good live and Emily was all emotional watching it because she's OBSESSED with AFI. I sang along with Emily while we watched the concert. It was enjoyable even though I didn't like AFI much.
I got a strange quote from her that night. "I want Hunter on my boob".

Today was the day I find out whether I'll be going to Adelaide or not.
I made plans with Emily and Stephen to walk to the beach and watch the sunset. It was Stephen's very last night in Darwin so I wanted to spend time with him properly before he leaves since there is a possibility that I will not see him for years. Emily arrived at my place just after 4:30 and we waited for Stephen who was supposed to come around that time too but he didn't turn up. At 10 past 5 we decided to drive to his place to see if he was home. First we picked up Jasmine because we thought it would be nice of her to tag along too.

It turned out that Stephen had to help his parents move the furniture around the house which was why he didn't turn up. He could've at least called though >:0. Well we kidnapped him anyway so we went to the beach :).
Since the universities offers were going to be released at 6pm and I was at the beach at the time I called Ryan on my mobile and asked him to check it for me. He wasn't too keen on doing that though but he saw how desperate I was of knowing ASAP so he cooperated x). I had to call him three times though because the server was busy for about 45 minutes.
While we were at the beach, Emily, Stephen, Jasmine and I just walked about 3 kilometres along the beach. So much for going to see the sunset...the entire sky was cloudy...*sigh*. Oh well. It was still really nice. The tide got our legs all wet and the sand felt great among the bottom of our feet. Dogs and children were everywhere of course and the sea breeze was as beautiful as ever. It was lovely. The beach is one of the things I will miss the most about Darwin...
Anyway...back to the offer business. Ryan finally logged in to my SATAC account and saw the university's verdict. I was itching to know. "Ryan...did I get in!?!?!" "I don't tell me..." "RYAN! DID I GET IN OR NOT!" "*reads incredibly slowly* you have been offered a spot for course 3014 Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) at the University of Adelaide" *I was already screaming soon after he said the word "offered"*. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
I now know that my life is going to change! I am one step closer to my dream and life ambitions! Getting into this course in Adelaide was really important to me!
I felt so incredibly relieved! I felt incredibly happy for the rest of the night. Not even saying goodbye to Stephen made me sad...(horrible...I know...).
Actually...I lied...I was really sad when I gave him a final hug goodbye...:'(. I hope I will see him in a few months time. I want to cry! :cries:

Emily came back to my place during the evening and we watched "V for Vendetta" on my laptop. I must say THIS IS ONE AWESOME FILM!!!! It's so beautifully done! The concept of the possible future just blew me away...I won't get into much detail because I don't know how to explain things in ways that make sense to people but THIS HAS DEFINITELY BECOME ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES!
After we finished watching it, it was 11pm so Emily went home and I went to bed.

This morning I went out for a jog for the first time in aaaaaaages and I AM SO INCREDIBLY UNFIT (but I felt great after I did it though...even though I felt a little sick in the stomach). It's no fun doing it alone though...I used to jog all the time with Danmei except she lives further away now so we don't do it anymore :(.
After my jog I just talked to Ryan about our living arrangements. I was feeling a little agitated though because I haven't heard from Eliza and I want to get things done like book the flight and sign the rental agreement contract but I can't really do those things without knowing what her decision is...
Eliza, if you're reading this...PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did my first night shift at Subway tonight. It was very nice and relaxing. I like this shift. All we do is wash and clean. No rushing around serving customers as fast as we was only Ellie and me. I didn't know Ellie enough because she always did the night shifts but tonight I learnt that she was lots of fun and very sweet :). I have more night shifts up the roster now so WOOHOO!
However my fingers smell strongly like chlorine from work tonight...>_<;;

Anyway...tomorrow is my great aunt's funeral...
I will say that I am not quite so upset about her having passed away anymore because she has lived a good life, and life to the fullest. She got to blow her 90th birthday cake. She died peacefully. She never saw her death as an issue. In fact, I can imagine her having the most wonderful time where she is now. She sure knows how to have fun...

Congratulations to my friends who got great results for year 12 and who got accepted in the courses and universities they wanted to get in :).
To those who didn't get what they's okay...there are plenty of opportunities. You will have them...:hug: just have faith. Don't give up!

:heart: Love you all!

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