Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Belated Christmas, Everyone!

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Now…I was going to write an entry on Monday 18th up til now but I think that will just bore the socks of everyone and I don’t think I can remember that much anyway so I’m going to try to make this entry short. Note that the keyword here is try.

On Monday I got ~latenightdreamer’s parcel. Becca, darling…you spoil me too much! Thank you :hug: :heart: love you!
Today my Alice Springs friends got their parcels. Yay! :dance:

On Tuesday I did more Christmas shopping. ~kaokun just said that it’s impossible for me to make this journal entry short…WELL WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT! >_<;;
Okay….Tuesday…Christmas shopping…that was all! MOVING ON!

Wednesday…I did more Christmas shopping. I sent my Christmas presents to Rebecca and Shan Shan. I ran into Eliza and she bought presents for her little brothers. Then I ran into Angelina, she was sending Christmas cards to her friends. Then I went home and I received Jordan and Ryan’s parcels. THEY GAVE ME A LOT OF PRESENTS *le gasp*. Thank you! You spoil me too much :cries:! :hug: Love you both! :heart:

Thursday…I don’t even remember what happened…OKAY! MOVING ON! NO WAIT! I REMEMBER AGAIN! I took my dad out to dinner for his birthday (even though it was on Saturday). He enjoyed himself ^^. Yay! I made daddy happy! MOVING ON! *is under pressure of making this entry short*

Friday…Rebecca received my present…YAY! MOVING ON!

Saturday…a bunch of us went to Lani’s party. First Emily picked me up (half an hour late), we did some fruit shopping, then we went to pick Niamh up and while we were turning into her street in the car, Emily had her quiche on a plate in front of the car, the plate with the quiche on it spun round and round and round along the windscreen and we were watching it going “NOOOOOOOOO!!!”. That was hilarious. We had a good laugh about it for half an hour xD. GARGH! THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG ENTRY AGAIN! MOVING ON! Niamh was taking a shower so her mum said she’ll take her to the party so we went to pick up Jasmine, then Angelina.
We got to the party on time, only ~Bities and Brentley were there. Everyone else was about half an hour late at least.
~insanelizard, ~DEMIMONDAINE, ~Chizxa, Katerina and I went swimming in the pool playing Marco Polo.
After about an hour and a half we got out of the pool and just sat around eating munchies and listened to music.
I was happy because I got to see friends who I haven’t seen for a year or months again.
Later we did our Kris Kringle present swap thingy…I got this massage therapy thingy from Andy xD. Initially I got the orgasmatron but I can’t stand these things so I swapped with Brentley for the massage thingy xD.
Then we just sat around and listened to music. I was constantly getting bitten by mozzies…
This was pretty much the whole party until 11:30pm when Emily and I left (we were the last ones to leave besides those who were sleeping over).
That’s it!

Sunday…I worked at Ming Court until 10pm. I received a lovely sms from ~Fanatism wishing me a Merry Christmas which was a nice surprise ^^. Jag älskar dig! :heart:
Then I went home, and watched Carols by Candlelight.

Monday…MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! I made mum breakfast in bed, then I opened my pressies. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THOSE WHO KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT! I was on a high…I never wanted anything for Christmas so all these presents were a bonus. My friends are so lovely…:heart: I don’t know what I did to have deserved them…
In the arvo mum and I went to an old family friend and had lunch at his place. Then we just sat around and watched Christmas stuff on TV.
In the evening we went to my Uncle Richard’s place. My dad’s side of the family who were in Darwin were all there. It was so nice gathering with my family members ^^. We had a nice ham and turkey dinner and everyone was laughing and having a great time. I took plenty of photos and yeah, I was having a ball :).
Throughout Christmas I was sending all these messages to people wishing them a Merry Christmas. I wish I had more credit though because so I could send overseas smses…except they cost a lot these days…*grumbles*. So…MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I WAS THINKING OF EVERY ONE OF YOUR ON THIS DAY!

Tuesday...Boxing Day sale in the stores everywhere. It was chaos…EVERYONE WAS HUNGRY FOR A BARGAIN!
After that I went home, and became a gaming nerd playing this weird game with Jasper and Ryan all day…*cucumber*.

Today I will be having lunch with my dad…

Shut up, ~kaokun I know this is not short >_<;; I TRIED!! I SAID I’D TRY! :cries:

Anyway…I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I love you all! Take care in the New Year!!! :heart:

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