Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kidnapped from Work/Nyahahaha! Go Tipsies!! x)

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Thursday, 23rd November
Today I was going to work at the café from 10am to 3pm but I only ended up working 10-12 because my dad came over and kidnapped me lol. The boss is friends with my dad so she didn't have a problem with me just leaving. I felt so bad though because 12 is the worst hour to leave because by that time we had customers lining up from outside the door to the was insane! I just left Helen all by herself to serve those 50 odd people lining up for food.

Dad took me to Yum Cha Restaurant and Auntie Heng joined us as well. From those nights of folding napkins at Ming Court I had a silly urge to fold the boring napkin in front of me in this restaurant that were folded into boring triangles into a crown. So I I turned it into a napkin crown, Ming Court style xD. Yeah, I'm silly like that...BUT I WAS BORED, OKAY? AND IT'S GOOD PRACTISE! xD. ^^;
We had chow ho fun (fried rice noodles), chow mien (fried noodles) and char siew (BBQ pork) for lunch. Halfway through lunch Jade and her mum and boyfriend came into the restaurant.
"Jade!" *Jade looks around but keeps walking*. "JADE!" *she looks at me* "OH HI!!" xD. I told her that Eliza and I couldn't go out with her on Friday night and she looked quite disappointed :(. I couldn't go because I had to work at Ming Court and Eliza had this charity thing going on every Friday night where she feeds the homeless (isn't that such a nice thing to do? :) ). So, Jade and I discussed that we should make it Saturday night, so I messaged Eliza to ask but she was busy Saturdays too, so then we discussed to have it on Thursday, but Eliza had a Christmas party thing *grumbles* :fork: so then we made it Sunday but Eliza hasn't replied to that yet :/. HURRY UP AND REPLY, ELIZA! xD

After we finished lunch, Dad dropped Auntie Heng at the Casino then dad took me to Casuarina to do some short shopping. I bumped into Kylie and told her our get together thing was off until we can find a day that all of us were free. Then I went to JB Hifi and bought "Black Holes & Revelations" by Muse even though I already had all the songs in that album in mp3. They're worth my money lol. Too bad I can't see them in the Big Day Out next year because I gotta save money for uni and the tickets are sold out already anyway. I'm kicking myself because of that >_<;;. Dad dropped me home at quarter to three then I started teaching at 3. Mila was still showing good progress. I'm glad ^.^. SHE'S STEALING ALL THE STICKERS AND LOLLIES FROM MY OTHER STUDENTS! Lol. SHUSH! IT'S NOT BRIBING! IT'S AN ACT OF LOVE! >:0. Well, it's not bribing's rewarding...! I don't give them anything if they haven't practised or improved. I TELL THEM OFF LIKE A SCARY MOTHER! >:0 (ask Rebecca about the scary mother thing...she'll tell you I can be quite scary hehe...).

Well, that was pretty much my day. I didn't work at Ming Court tonight because tomorrow night Ming Court is fully booked so I had to stay home and study the menu so I can serve better and more efficiently. I was feeling quite nervous about that being a trainee waitress serving a fully booked restaurant etc :S.

Friday 24th November
Samantha came over at 8 in the morn. She didn't have class til 1:40 so yeah, we just stayed in my room watching Naruto for the entire time again lol. Don't worry, ToMMo...I'll watch Bleach and the other animes you mentioned to me some time next year. It's funny how throughout my highschool years I had no interest in anime. My friends were all crazy about it and I just kinda...sat back...and eyerolled at them...hehe. They've all been pestering me to watch Naruto for years so I gave in and started watching it this year and BLARGH! I HATE YOU ALL! YOU GOT ME ADDICTED! >_<;; :fork:

At 12:30, Samantha and I walked to the bus stop near my house so she could catch the bus to school. Before the bus arrived, Quynh Giao (our piano teacher) drove past and offered Samantha a lift since she was going that direction anyway. Sam accepted the offer and off she went to school. I went back home and studied the Ming Court Menu some more. I was so nervous about the night approaching... :fear:

I took an hour to get ready for work trying to look as presentable as I could. The uniform is just like the uniform I had to wear when I worked at "Best & Less". Black fitting top, pants, and shoes. One day I should turn up at Ming Court with a yellow shirt or something and see how they'd react hehe :giggle:

The first 2 hours was fairly quiet. Just a few orders over the phone every now and then, but after 7:30 the restaurant got hectic. The dining customers all came in at this time and we immediately courteously accommodated them to the best of our abilities and tried to juggle our dining service with the phone orders. much running around and multitasking. I felt like my head was going to explode. I gotta say I've developed this phobia of opening champaign bottles lol. I'm so pathetic hehe. I squint everytime I try to open one hehe. I guess I still need more experience with the alcohol stuff (NOT DRINKING! OPENING BOTTLES, KNOWING THE NAMES AND SERVING THEM, YOU GIT!). I soon adapted to the multitasking and found it wasn't as intimidating than I anticipated it to be. It was quite fun actually and the people dining in were all so friendly and I actually had really nice conversations with them :). There were some young kids that were around too who helped me clear the tables and stuff too. They were such little darlings :).

Sarah poked blue dots on my arm again. I swear, she's doing it to sabotage my presentable appearance just so she can be the most presentable waitress xD. That night I met May, another waitress. She was cool too and yes, she was another victim of Sarah's. May and I tried to gang up on her but Sarah was too smart for our own good. She soon highlighted our arms with different coloured highlighters -.-;;. Sarah finished at 9, and May finished at 10. I was there until 11:30 and I was like "NOOOOO! THE NEW WAITRESS IS LEFT ALL BY HERSELF!!" but I survived...yay! x).
These two guys gave me a $40 tip...nyahahaha....I GOT TIPSIES!! WOOO!!! :boogie:. I like this waitressing business. You meet interesting people, it's good adrenaline rush and you learn so much :). I'm glad I got to have this experience. No, I'm not gonna be a waitress forever. I have bigger plans...

Anyhoo...after clearing the tables and cleaning all those glasses and dishes, I finally got to go home. When I came home, I scared my mother with my bloodshot eyes. I didn't realise my eyes were so bloodshot. I was wondering why the kitchenhand people were telling me to go home early and I just said "Nah, I'm fine, and you need all the help you could get."
My feet and lowerback were in pain but I wasn't feeling tired at all surprisingly. In fact I was quite happy. I thought tonight I was going to disappoint but I got through it alright :D. I'm glad ^^.
When I got home, I immediately took a shower, had dinner (yes...dinner at midnight lol...). Then I realised Emily messaged me while I was at work but I only just got it then. She asked if I wanted to go see "Borat" tomorrow evening. Unfortunately I couldn't because I had to work again :cries: I WANT TO GO SEE BORAT!!!! :cries:
Then I watched Rage on TV until 2am. I still wasn't tired at 2am but I thought I best get to sleep. It took me about an hour to get to body was all worn out but my mind was whizzing around, I guess it's from working. Mih...this waitressing life takes a while to get used to...

Saturday 25th November
Woke up at 10am, browsed around dA, checking a few comments and deviations here and there, then wrote this journal entry x).
Today I should clean my room. I said I'd do it straight after the exams but I never got around doing it. It's a mess!
Mmk...I'll stop this entry now....I have this habit of writing novels for my journal entries.

Take care everyone and happy thanksgiving! :hug: :heart: LOVE YOU ALL!
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