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Awh...I must go have dinner as I am writing this sentence so I will finish this entry later xD.
*Temporarily gone for dinner*
*Is now back*
Far out I'm so tired I can barely walk! *flops onto her computer desk*
I guess I'll be as brief as I can (but brief is not something I'm very good at, unless it's my own intelligence xD)...

Monday 6th November
Okay...the main things that happened today:
Around 11am I got messaged by Jordan saying she received my parcel :D. Some of you may or may not recall a few entries ago I said I did something that made me really happy but I couldn't reveal it incase a certain someone was going to read it and it's supposed to be a surprise? Well that's what it was. I bought Ethan, Jordan's adorable son, a birthday present and sent it to them in a parcel ^.^
1pm: MY VERY FIRST EXAM OF THE SEMESTER!! Anatomy & Physiology. I've been preparing for it 3 weeks before this exam...(and it was 3 weeks of cramming...). How did I go? Well I didn't go as well as I initially had hoped for but after all that studying and realising how hard it was, I accepted the fact that sometimes you can't ALWAYS achieve what you want, but I did the best that I could..and that's all that matters. I think I just passed it...not so much of a great achievement but mih...memorising half of your 1,300 page textbook is not exactly easy so I'll commemorate my ability to pass hehe...I don't praise myself very often if at all x).
My friends seemed to do well too I think. I'm glad :). They might not think so but I think they're great students.
Anyhoo...after we finished our exams, Eliza, Kyle and I went to Casuarina just to walk around and sort of celebrate finishing our first exam. Eliza said to me "Hey Min, you gotta show me where JB Hifi is". Naturally I was about to show her but then I remembered that she wasn't allowed to go there. You'll find out why later...Eliza and I discovered that Kyle has um...shall I say "interesting" taste in jewellery hehe, or an "interesting" taste in what looks expensive. Eliza was looking at jewellery and commenting on stuff here and there, then Kyle pointed at this strange looking necklace with an oversized (size of a strawberry), yellow plastic-like looking heart crystal thing (yes, I'm so good at describing things, aren't I? xD), and said "Hey! What about this one? This looks like it's expensive! It looks like a massive gem! And look! It's only $39!" or something along those lines. Eliza and I looked at him funny (as per usual) x).
Later we got boost juice, it was unfortunate for Kyle that it wasn't beer...I don't get this hole "blokes' attachment to beer" thing. Is beer seriously that great?! I take a wiff and eeeyurk! It smells disgusting to me xD.
Kyle shouted Eliza and I McDonald's ^^. How nice of him ^^. It was the first time I had junk food in ages. I thought I might as well pig out and have this opportunity to be unhealthy since I just finished an exam. logic made no sense, did it? x)
After that, Eliza drove us home. I checked my letterbox and I got mail from the Australian Music Examinations Board and I immediately knew it was my students' piano exam reports. I opened them to have a look and to my surprise, after all the controversy I had with the examiner and the syllabus, they got remarkable results :D. The examiner wrote "Very impressive musician" and "I see lots of potential" in the comments and yeah...that made me happy x). They were very reassuring words for a novice teacher who's confidence for herself never existed...
I think that was all the important stuff that happened on Monday....

*Min can't remember what happened in's probably just Min cooped up in her room studying non stop for her next exams...*

Wednesday 15th November
The day that we had our Biology exam. Before the exam I was crying in the kitchen table as I was having my breakfast. I just felt so hopeless after all the studying I did and not remembering or understanding a lot. I was so convinced that I was going to fail. I was so depressed. I never wanted to be depressed ever again like I was last year and on this morning I just felt the same overwhelming feeling again...I messaged Eliza about how depressed I wasn't a very nice thing for me to do :(. Sorry, Eliza!
Determined to not go back to my dark moments, I sat down and still and said a little prayer in my mind. After a few minutes I felt content again. I'm glad this year I've learnt how to let go. I've emotionally changed so much this year for the better. Anyway...moving on...(I hate it when I go off in a tangent...).
So yeah, I was feeling content again so I messaged Eliza again to tell her that I was sorry and I felt a lot better. Then I walked to uni, to the exam room. On the way I just tried to enjoy everything around me. The trees, the birds, everything...
So I walk into the exam room, not worried, but neither confident. I just sat on my table...and did what I had to do. Throughout the three hours, looking at all the questions, to my bewilderment I could actually answer a fair amount of them with ease :). I finished the exam about half an hour early. Everyone else seemed to do pretty well too :D. Later Jade, Kyle, Eliza and I went to Casuarina to chill out as our little form of celebration of finishing our second exam (well, third and final for Jade). Eliza asked me if she was allowed to go to JB Hifi yet and again I said no. We had lunch at the eatery and while we were having lunch we got Kyle to teach us a little big of Chemistry and we had small arguments instead. So typical of us, never listening to Kyle (when quite often <> he is right...).
Kyle went home soon after so then Eliza, Jade and I walked around Dollars & Sense for about half an hour (how we stayed in there that long...I don't know...but yeah...they have some pretty interesting cheap stuff in there xD). Eliza purchased Christmas wrapping paper, and a fishnet thingymajig. Jade bought bunny ears, a bow and a tail lol. When we walked out, Jade caught up with an old high school friend so Eliza and I went upstairs to look at bags and wallets in equip. Eliza pondered in there for a while wondering if she should buy this wallet she really wanted or not. Eventually she decided not to buy it (yet) so we migrated to random jewellery stores looking for a sterling silver locket for Eliza. Again she pondered on whether to get this locket she really liked after much physical observation with it x). Eventually she came to the decision of putting it on hold. Haha, she's so cute when she's shopping xD. Then we went into Socrates and amused ourselves for a while with gizmos and gadgets. After that Eliza was about to go home. She was curious as to what I was going to do or how I was going to get home. I just said "Nah, not going home yet...I gotta do some stuff." and she asked "You're going to do some stuff without me?" "Yes, WITHOUT YOU!" and then we said our goodbyes hehe. I set foot to JB Hifi and searched for the album "Plans" by Death Cab For Cutie. With much difficulty, I eventually found it and bought it. Then I went to find a birthday card and wrapping paper. When I found it all, I caught the bus home and when I got home I wrapped up the album and wrote in the card. It was for Eliza's birthday (even though it was two weeks ago). She was whining me to burn her Death Cab For Cutie for ages but I thought I'd buy it for her instead.
After giftwrapping, since I was sleep deprived (and have been awake for about 168 hours at the time) I slept for 3 hours then tried to study for Chemistry...THE FINAL EXAM...AND THE ONLY EXAM THAT IS MADE COMPULSORY TO PASS IN ORDER TO PASS THE UNIT!!!!
I failed for the first 6 hours >_>;; which was a very bad thing....
Okay...this moves on to Thursday now...

Thursday 16th November
Yeah, basically I was awake all night trying to study for Chemistry. I hardly did a thing though. Eliza came over at 6am to study with me until our exam started. We studied for 2 hours and those 2 hours was the most productive studying I've done for the entire night and morning...hopefully it helped Eliza too.
We ran halfway to the exam rooms not bothered to be worried about failing the exam anymore. For the past 24 hours my brain surrendered to the "La-di-la Holiday Mood" so yeah...studying was impossible!!!
To my surprise I could remember a lot and answer a fair amount of questions again. I felt like, I don't know...I was blessed for the time I was in the exam room with a working recall memory and ability to understand how to answer the questions. I finished the exam an hour and a half early and thought that was ridiculously fast. I always take up the entire exam time but today I have no idea how I did it so fast. I checked my answers about 7 times over then looked at the clock. There was still an hour left. I decided that I probably wouldn't do anything so I left the exam room and waited for everyone else to finish outside.
Bored, bored, bored. Noone was with me for a while, so I messaged a squillion people announcing my freedom x).
Eventually everyone came out of the exam room and we kicked the footy around for about half an hour on the grass area.
Later I gave Eliza her birthday present and it made her happy. I broke my promise. Earlier in the year I promised not to get her anything for her birthday but I just couldn't resist because Eliza's a wonderful friend and means so much to me. I knew how much she wanted the album so I bought it for her. It was the best feeling in the world knowing I made someone happy...
Soon Jade arrived at uni and we decided to go to the Beachfront to celebrate.
Eliza, Kylie and Kyle all walked back to my place, the three of them then drove off to Kyle's to pick up Kyle's car while I waited at home for Samantha who was visiting me today. Samantha arrived after catching the bus from school to my house (no she wasn't wagging, she had no classes left). It was the first time I've seen Sammy in MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS! *clings to her Sammy Wammy*. Soon after, the other three came back with Kyle's car. We all drove to Beachfront in Kyle's car, he then handed over his car key to Eliza and told her "Don't you dare lose my key! It's the only one I have yada yada yada" and Eliza promised she won't. We entered the building and when we were inside I was kinda...worried? Yeah...there's a bar...and beer drinking people...and yeah...I'm a novice to this kind of environment. It wasn't too bad though. Everyone just ate, drank and played pool. We got nachos and wedges and I drank some coke. I was being sober bob because the others wanted to drink a bit. We played a few rounds of pool and as per usual I was fairly hopeless at it x). Samantha shined her novice talent at some occassions. I think she was thoroughly amused.
At 2:45pm Eliza drove Sammy and me back to my place in Kyle's car but before that when we went outside to the car she couldn't find the car key anywhere in her pocket. We were all scared and after promising Kyle it would never be lost. We went back into the cafe to search for it but luckily Kylie had it. It turned out that Eliza gave it to Kylie at some stage and forgot that she did. Hehe...
When we got back to my place Eliza then drove home in her own car (haha, so many cars) and Sam and I waited for Sam's mum to pick her up. Her mum was right on the dot at my place at 3pm to pick her up. I only got to see Sammy for 2 hours today but it was better than nothing. She's coming over tomorrow morning anyway :D *dances*.
At 3:30 Mila (my 8 year old student) came and I gave her her lesson. She's progressing well :). At 4 we ended the lesson and I was so delighted about her progress I gave her chocolate chip cookies as a reward x) (haha, now someone's going to dob me in for bribery xD...sheesh...can't you just call it an act of love?!?! T_T it would make me look better!).
At 5, Jade messaged me to pick them up at the beachfront because Kyle had footy training at 5:30 and I had his car lol. So yeah, I got there, I drove Kyle home in his car (since he had some beers) and by 5:30 the rest of us were home (except Kyle who was at footy training which was at the oval across the road from my house).
At about 6 Kyle rang me on my mobile with his (even though he was only across the road) and screamed "OI, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" "Huh? What did I do to you?" "Yeah...what did you do to me? I can't train! I can't catch, I can't kick, I can't do anything! It's ridiculous!" "That doesn't mean I did anything to you!" "Well yeah, still...I can't do anything here right now." "Well how many drinks did you have?" "About 7 to 8 beers?" "Well there ya go!!" "Oi man, can we go to town! I wanna go out tonight!" "...Kyle...I'M TIRED!!!" "Aw, alright." "Jade and Kylie might go out with you tonight." "But I want to go now!" "Sorry, Kyle. I'm really tired, and I won't be allowed anyway...if you go out with Jade and Kylie tonight, have fun, okay?" "Okay, bye!". Yeah...that was my day and the first things I did with my freedom.
Sadly enough it was the first time us uni friends ever went out and did anything together as a group. Quite sad really considering we've been at uni together for a year already and it's the end of the year...
Well I managed to get a few photos of each other today. Not enough though. Hopefully we're all getting together again this Sunday evening.

Anyhoo...regarding my exams. At the beginning of the semester I was aiming to get a High Distinction for everything but hehe, that was out of my league by far. I predict I got a Credit for Anatomy & Physiology and Biology and only a pass for Chemistry *cries*. Well, I guess we'll find out when the results come out :D. Hopefully I did better than I thought (and not worse than I thought because that would just be bad...).

I should be off to bed now. I've been sleep deprived for about 192 hours... much for a brief blog entry xD...

Finally I just want to say thank you to those who've supported me all the way with your kind thoughts, praises, and your friendship. You know who you are...I love you all so much using words to express it just won't explain how much I really do love you...*hugs*

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Mood: Very exhausted. I just went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and looked myself in the mirror. I look like I've been dead and decaying for a year and was just dug up and stabbed by a sharp shovel xD


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