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Yesterday (Friday) was the last teaching day at uni (and I think it was muck up day for the year 12s too...woo!).
On Wednesday evening- Thursday morning I was doing my Biology practicals (evil things...). I did them until 9am lol (yes...I'm nuts...). On Thursday evening - Friday morning I was doing Anatomy & Physiology notes for the open book test I had on Friday xD. I finished them at 6:30am lol (yes, I'm still nuts). So yeah...that meant that I didn't sleep for um...nearly 3 days hehehehe...
During Thursday morning, Jasper called me at about 2am and we talked for an hour x). I had this strange idea at the time to invent coffee that does not make you pee (since I was drinking lots of coffee at the time to keep me awake and um...made many trips to the toilet...not that you needed to know...hehe... ^^; ). Jasper and I made up the name "NO PEE COFFEE" for the invention x). I made up a slogan and a jingle for it hehe...

"Choose NO PEE COFFEE! Don't let the toilet be your workplace!"

Do you depend on coffee to get you through
But tired of going to the loo?
Don't tolerate the feeling of having to pee!
Choose the magical, miraculous NO PEE COFFEE!

*giggles* I'm such a dumbarse xD. Mind you, I was sleep deprived at the time x).

Anyway...about my last teaching day at uni ^^.
I went to the comp labs at about 8:15 and printed out my anatomy & physiology notes for the open book test and printed out a copy for Eliza, Kyle, Kylie and Jade as well. Eliza and Kyle came in at half past and helped me put the notes into the folders. At quarter to 9 we went to building 22 to attend our open book test. To my dissappointment, Jade and Kylie came in late so I couldn't give them the notes I wrote up for them. I hope they did alright...
We got our lab reports on the digestive system back. Eliza and I both got 94% *happy dance*. Yaaay! I also did better than the lab report on the cardiac system I had to do last semester xD. I got 92% for that one and earlier I was thinking "I better get a better mark on this report than the one last semester because I worked so much harder on this one!" x).
After we all completed our open book test we went to the computer labs to do our last online test. I was feeling more like a zombie at the time and got a bit cranky. Wait...was I being cranky (asking either Eliza, Kylie, Kyle or Jade if any of them read this lol)? Kyle said something along the lines of me taking my marks way too seriously and I needed to chill...he's right -.-;;. Hehehe...I need a life x). I'm making up for me slacking off in my senior high school years though... the online tests are done...and it's the last day of uni...and we haven't completed our biology Well, I only had one prac left to do at the time, which I finished in about an hour. The others had heaps to do though so we stayed at the comp labs for the rest of the day trying to finish these last minute practicals hehe (so much for never doing stuff in the last minute ever again hahaha...). We had to hand them in by 5pm so they quickly finished them off by 4:30 then we rushed to Sean's office to hand them in. He wasn't there so we dropped them off at his pidgeon hole.
THAT...was the very last time for us to hand ANYTHING IN until NEXT YEAR! WOOOOOO! It felt so good to have nothing to do for 4 ENTIRE MONTHS! WIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Now we have our exams to study for though....*grumbles*.
Anyway...Eliza dropped me home and by 5:30pm I was sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping. I didn't care that I was still wearing the clothes I had on...or I didn't have breakfast or a proper lunch (a packet of chips and some chocolate lol), or the fact that I wasn't going to have dinner...(or that I wasn't going to have a shower or go to brush my teeth either...yes I know it's gross but I DIDN'T SLEEP FOR 3 DAYS! I DIDN'T CARE!!). I slept until 9:30am this morning. AWESOME! 16 WHOLE HOURS OF SLEEP!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
I woke up, had a shower, had breakfast, checked my emails (yay! Sean emailed me back saying he's gonna add the missing prac marks in!) and wrote this blog. I feel so gooooood!! I am no longer sleep deprived and all I have to do now is study for the exams! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Hehehehe...
Well...yeah...I'm feeling bright and cheery and refreshed now so I'm going to go attempt some productive studying before I gotta teach for the rest of the day.
Eliza, if you're reading this...I really hope you're studying or Min will be very angry at you xD.
Good luck to those with exams, and if you don't...I'M JEALOUS! Take care, all! <3

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