Thursday, November 23, 2006

I smell like oil :/

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Woke up at 6 in the morn yesterday to get ready to go to work at the cafe. I took the bus there and was greeted by the other fellow workers of the cafe.
Usually first thing, we'd make about 200 coffees but today was relatively quiet. It was quiet until quarter to 11 so I messaged Samantha wishing her the best of luck for the Chemistry test she had yesterday and Eliza because I was bored. Soon after I messaged them about 40 people came in at the same time and the lot of us got very busy mostly making sandwhiches for them, from one sandwhich to the next, non-stop and this went on for about 2 hours. much for being a quiet day xD. It was heaps fun though, especially when the customers ask for EVERYTHING in their sandwhich and I'm trying very hard to not let the vegies topple over like an avalanche as I pile them up.
The hot foods didn't sell very well, but the sandwhiches...far out...we were RUNNING OUT OF BREAD!! GAAAAAAAAARGH!
The cafe closed at 2:30 and people STILL came in until 3 so we closed it late.
I made myself a toasted ham, cheese and tomatoe sandwhich (haha, I'm such an aussie) before we finished work. Helen dropped me home, that was very nice of her :). But then I had an hour to unstink my oily smell, get well dressed and go to work at the Ming Court restaurant.

How did I get greeted as soon as I came into the building? Sarah (the fellow waitress) got a pen and started poking me on the arm... :/...yeah, nice to see you too, Sarah xD. She's like 29 and acts like a 7 year old...seriously xD. It's cute.
Sarah: *pokes me with her pen on my arm* YOU HAVE CHICKEN POX! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!
Me: *looks at her funny* WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!
Sarah: you make me jealous!
Me: what?! I didn't steal your husband!
Sarah: I'm jealous because *goes up to me and grabs my cheeks* YOU'RE SOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! *continues to pinch them visciously*
Me: *sweat drop* Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! >_<;;
The night before Sarah was like: How old are you?
Me: 18
Sarah: REALLY?!
Me: thought I was younger, didn't you? -.-
Sarah: or 15 or something
Me: yeah I get that a lot -.- do I really look THAT young?!
Sarah: YES!
Me: *grumbles*
Sarah: it's a good thing!
Me: No it's not...people treat me like a baby T_T and then they pinch my cheeks and go "YOU'RE SO CUTE!" and GARGH! >_<;;
*mutters under her breath* bleh! >_<;;
Anyhoo...I like Sarah :). She's so much fun to be with and she's taught me a lot about waitressing. She makes me feel like I'm back in high school mucking around with a friend. We've only known each other for 3 days and already we're acting like close sisters.
Last night it was a quiet night for Chinese food but far out...we got orders every 2 minutes for Pizza and Alan & Vince (the pizza makers) were getting agitated with me coming into the kitchen with an order slip every 2 minutes. They were constantly on the go making pizza and it was frustrating when I talk to the customers over the phone when they order a pizza and I say "Unfortunately it's going to be an hour's wait because we've had a lot of pizza orders coming in in the past hour and we've only got 2 pizza chefs and one functioning oven" and they get all pissed off and GARGH! >_<;;
I feel so bad coming into the kitchen harrassing the boys, because when a customer comes in to pick their order up I go into the kitchen to see if they've finished and I always bug them saying "How long is it going to be for the order for Luke" or "Jenny's waiting outside, how long is it til her pizza's done?" and sucks because they have like, 30 pizza orders coming in every hour. They got through the night though. They're amazing...
During the night these three customers came in to dine. They were an old couple and their son. It turned out to be their 48th wedding anniversary. We congratulated them and the champaign was on the house. It's amazing....48 years of marriage...and here I sit thinking about how marriage sucked these days and hardly ever last and last night, I witnessed the few remaining couples who make it so's good that there are still marriages like that that exist today...*sigh* sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be that lucky... xD
Anyhoo, the restaurant got quiet after 9 so I folded napkins with my new napkin oragami skills for the rest of the night. I'm getting quite good at the folding thing xD. I've never folded so many napkins in my life xD.
At 10, Richard, my boss, dropped me home. I realised I worked for 14 hours today and I thought "wow...didn't think I could do that..." then I realised how tired mum must be, having to work for hours felt bad not acknowledging how hard she works enough and now I know.
I ate my dinner when I got home then went to bed (noooo! I'm going to put on even MORE weight!).
Poor Eliza started work when I finished...that's gotta suck, having to start work at 10pm and finishing at goodness knows when.... :/

Today I'm only working at the cafe for 5 hours and that's it :). I'm not working at the restaurant tonight because I gotta study the menu a lot tonight since tomorrow night, the restaurant's fully booked and I have to be well prepared to help serve everyone. I'm excited but I'm dreading it because I don't know if I'm good enough to serve the entire restaurant by myself (Sarah's not working on Friday...LEAVING ME ALONE, THE TRAINEE, WHEN THE RESTAURANT'S FULLY BOOKED! HOW MEAN!!). T_T WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Anyway...I must get ready for work now.
*Sigh* turns out I'm heaps busier after the exams. So much for checking all my deviantart messages lol.

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