Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back In High School/I'm A Waitress

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Friday 17th November

Today I woke up the earliest I had in months. Samantha was coming over at 8 in the morn so yeah x). IT RAINED!! IT RAINED!! WE HAD SUCH GORGEOUS WEATHER ON THIS DAY! Nice light drizzle/overcast all day!

When Samantha came all we did was watch Naruto until 1pm xD (yes…many hours of staring at my computer monitor watching Naruto…that can’t be healthy…I now declare animé an addictive drug…). We did stop for a half hour break though because I cooked her spaghetti bolognaise xD.

At 1 we set off to Mengyang’s house which was near by. For the first few minutes we were very amused by her kitten chasing this ball around the living room and carelessly pouncing on it (and getting hit on the face by the curtain). Then we just watched “She’s the Man” on DVD. We didn’t do anything else lol.

Yep…that’s all the significant events of today.

Saturday 18th November

I got woken up at 9 by my lovely mother shouting in my ear. I can’t think of a better way to be woken up…can you?

She wanted me to go shopping with her *grumbles*. I only went with her because it was McHappy day.

We arrived at Casuarina shopping centre at around 10 and the first place we went to was this jewellery store. I’m not a fan of jewellery but just to satisfy my mother I browsed around and had considerable looks at some items here and there. Soon I came across this section of silver locket necklaces. A few days ago I was walking around with Eliza and she was looking for silver lockets. We didn’t find much of variety though so when I encountered this entire section of silver lockets I messaged her about it telling her the prices they were around about and where they were located in the store just in case she was interested.

Then we just randomly walked around (mostly at the clothes stores because that’s pretty much all mum is interested in). Amazingly enough I bought two tops *le gasp! Min shopped for clothes!*. For lunch mum and I had Big Mac meals. I usually avoid eating McDonald’s but I did today because it was for charity since it was McHappy day. Just in case you don’t know what McHappy day is, it’s a day when McDonald’s donates $1 for every Big Mac burger sold to the Ronald McDonald’s house charity where they accommodate sick kids away from home and I think some funds go to hospitals and research for children’s diseases too. I also bought two rubber wrist bands where all funds go to the charity. Hehe, mum and I didn’t really enjoy our very unhealthy burgers but it was well worth it :). Practically everyone around us bought Big Macs and I was glad.

We went home at 1:30 (I can’t believe we’ve been shopping for 3.5 hours…). I came home and had a nap for an hour then I had to teach Melissa at 3. *Sigh* Melissa hasn’t practised her pieces. She wanted to learn Für Elise so I taught her a page and a half. Bleh…now both Melissa AND Kae-jenn are playing this piece x). They’re gonna start being competitive with each other now lol.

After I taught I went for a walk at the beach but in my solitude since Danmei no longer lived near by :(. It’s no fun walking to the beach by yourself…

I came home later in the evening, had dinner, and didn’t do much else but just bummed around on the computer til late.

Sunday 19th November


I didn’t have enough credit to send him a birthday sms after being bombarded with sms’s from Jade and Kylie today T_T. I taught for most of the day. Kae-jenn surprisingly got slack…(it must be the “Exam is done! I can slack now” attitude)…he said it was because he had a keyboard at home and not a piano (well, he had that excuse for a year now…didn’t stop him from doing well in the exam lol). Mila, however practised a lot and I’m impressed with her progress :D. She worried me for a while because she didn’t improve for about a month…I’m glad I got her back to two lessons a week.

After teaching I went for a walk again and came back for dinner. After dinner I was just in the living room watching TV with mum. I was in my PJs and everything…and then Jade and Kyle rock up my front gate and I was like “GARGH! I SAID I WASN’T GOING TO GO OUT WITH THEM TODAY!!!!! >:0”. Apparently Jade called me about 8 times today on my mobile. I didn’t receive any of them! I had my mobile with me the entire time! Anyhoo…Jade and Kyle kidnapped me to spend the night over at Jade’s. First we went to pick up Kylie along the way. We went to buy some drinks then went over to Jade’s and did nothing but indulge ourselves in front of Jade’s big wide screen TV (with cable) and Jade’s marvellous cooking ^^. We watched the last part of Australian Idol (Jessica Mauboy was a school mate of mine hehehe…I want Damien to win though) and then Shaun of the Dead which was funny…then this reality TV thing about blacks and whites in America :/. After that Jade dropped me home and I was home by 11 like Jade promised to my mother =P.

Monday 20th November

I woke up at 6:30am, hopped on msn for a bit hoping it was still the 19th in England so I could wish Alex happy birthday but obviously it wasn’t when he said “it was yesterday” *cries*. Ah well, he’s an understanding young man…you forgive me right, Kao? RIGHT?! >_>;;

I hopped off and got ready to go to Darwin High. I was out the door by 7 then caught the 7:30 bus to school. Everyone at the bus depot looked at me weird, knowing I graduated last year, saying “Hui-Min…what are you doing here O_o;;?!”. I got asked that about a squillion times when I got to school as well.

First off, as soon as I got to school, I walked around the different faculties to visit my ex teachers and took photos with them with Samantha. It was so nice to see them and I was glad they were glad to see me too hehe…

It was incredible seeing Ms Sparrow (my ex English Studies teacher) pregnant. I hope I could visit her at the hospital after her son’s birth in January :). Ms Sparrow’s incredible. She’s one of the very best teachers around and also a very good friend.

I didn’t do much else after going around seeing teachers. I hung out at the benches and chatted to my year 11 friends. The guys mostly played yu-gi-oh cards *eye roll* and I tried to teach Samantha and Brentley some Organic Chemistry since they had a test on Wednesday. With much difficulty, after a while, surprisingly Brentley wanted to study it with me but I don’t think I helped Samantha much xD. It doesn’t matter…Samantha doesn’t have to pass it anyway since she’s done enough year 12 subjects (and brilliantly) to get a decent TER and graduate from high school…even though she’s officially in year 11 and young enough to be in year 10…scary isn’t it?

Yeah…I took random photos of my friends and I then went home when school ended. I uploaded a few photos I took this day onto my deviantart gallery.

When school ended I caught the school bus home, manipulated and uploaded the photos onto my gallery then slept for a bit. Then I went to Ming Court to do my first night in waitressing. It was hard to learn how to take orders over the phone and serve at the tables and stuff like that but I soon got the hang of it. It was heaps fun :D. I worked until 9:30pm then went home and crashed.

Tuesday 21st November

I woke up at 6:30am again and went to school for a bit so Samantha could hand in a Chemistry practical before recess. Then we came back to my place and watched Naruto for a few hours xD (yes…we were on drugs again hehe). At 1:30 Emily came over (watched one episode with us) and talked to us about her AFI experience in Melbourne. She’s over the moon she got to meet AFI. At 2 she drove us back to Darwin High because Samantha and I decided to turn up to band rehearsal for the first time in like, a year, after school. Samantha didn’t go to band rehearsal this year because of all her year 12 subjects and I didn’t go for obvious reasons, because I graduated from Darwin High hehe…

Today, during rehearsal, I found that the band had significantly dropped in numbers. I didn’t know if it was because half the band was wagging or there just wasn’t many this year anyway. I felt nostalgic during rehearsal today. I usually played the keyboard but Joseph Yuen who is in year 12 this year is on it so I played 1st flute instead. Thank goodness my sight reading wasn’t as bad as I thought because our conductor put a lot of pressure on me telling the other flutes “This is Hui-Min, who was in year 12 last year, and was in the band for the past 5 years. She’s done her Amus on the piano so she’s a brilliant musician!” and I was thinking “NOOO! DON’T TELL THEM THAT! NOW THEY’RE GOING TO EXPECT ME TO BE GOOD, WHICH I AM NOT! >_<;;”. No, I am not being my modest self…my sight reading is shocking…seriously…I always had a bad, bad, BAD habit of playing by ear and memorising after one or two listens so I never read much thus it resulted to me being a hopeless sight reader…*cries*. Sight reading is an important skill which I do not have, unfortunately…so STOP PRAISING ME BEING A GREAT MUSICIAN! >_<;;

I went back home and got ready to go to Ming Court straight away. Tonight was a quite night. My first night was hectic…Oh…while I was home I only just realised I got a message from Jordan saying she finished year 12. CONGRATS, JORDAN! ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s good that it was a quiet night. The old staff had more opportunities to run things through with me. I’m getting the hang of this waitressing business :D. I quite enjoy it :D. I meet interesting customers and the cooks and other waitresses are just so nice :).

I finished at 9:30 again and now I’m on the computer writing about my week.

I’m going to end my blog now thought because tomorrow I got to work at the Fox & Hound Café Inn (first time working there in about 6 months) during the day from 7am-3pm at the city then I gotta work at Ming Court again from 5pm-9:30pm in Jingili. Woo…long day…I might end up BUSIER THAN I WAS WHEN I HAD UNI! xD At least this is heaps more fun though :) and I’m getting paaaaaaaaid lots of moneh!!!!!!! Hehehe…

Yup…best go to bed now so I can sleep enough for the long day working tomorrow…
Take care, everyone!

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