Saturday, December 16, 2006

What an Awesome Week I Had!

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WARNING! This is an EXTREMELY LONG journal entry…longer than usual anyway, so if you do NOT have the patience or concentration span to read all this then DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER THAN THIS PARAGRAPH! If you do, well…have fun wasting minutes of your life reading my blabber x).
The reason why this is so long is because I have been really tired over the past few days and could not be bothered updating…SO SLAP ME! Anyway…ON TO THE ENTRY, SHALL WE?

Saturday Evening
Emily called up to ask if we could do something on this evening. I managed to scab a funny quote off her over the phone (since it’s one of my hobbies to collect funny quotes from people). I quoted “I can download my laptop” (Emily Williams, 09/12/2006). Hehe…she was meant to say that she can bring her laptop. Em managed to get a quote off me though. I said “Let’s watch Westlife Story”. Em said “Oh goodness…I don’t want to know about their story (band). I think you mean WestSIDE Story”. :blushes:
Anyway…she came over at around 9pm and we went to Video Ezy to rent out some DVD’s to watch. We rented “Bride & Prejudice”, “The Proposition” and “Kung Fu Hustle”.
When we went back home the first thing we watched was “Bride & Prejudice”. Even though the acting was bad and the singing was corny, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was fun to watch. Then we watched “The Proposition” which is an Australian Western film. The way the film was choreographed was absolutely beautiful! The imagery of it all was great. Some parts of the movie was quite gory though and I didn’t understand more than half of the plot but the acting from all the characters and the film techniques used were absolutely stunning. English Studies has made me appreciate movies more…it has helped me find deeper meaning in films. However most other students say that English Studies has ruined movies for them…
Anyway…it was about 2am in the morn after we finished watching “The Proposition” so we went to bed.

JASPER ARRIVED TODAY!! *bounce bounce bounce* :heart:
I woke up at 8 because I had to teach Kae-jenn at 9 in the morn. Emily woke up a little bit later. She soon left because she had to go shopping with her mum and sister. After I finished teaching Kae-jenn, mum and I went to Casuarina. Angel ( ~DEMIMONDAINE ) messaged me earlier saying that she was shopping with her mum so I met up with her in K-mart. I was really happy to see Angel again since I’ve only seen her once since she arrived…
Angel’s mum and my mum wandered off somewhere so it was just Angel and me walking around Cas. I helped Angel look for a Christmas present for her mum and suggested a cooking utensil. However, Angel’s mum already has a lot of those…I still don’t know if she’s managed to find a Christmas present for her mum yet…
Later we were accompanied by Emily and we just wandered around Cas aimlessly doing some shopping here and there.
Soon Angel and her mum had to leave so it was just Em and I left. First I took mum to Zushi Bar and treated her with sushi for lunch ^^. Later I went off with Emily. Her and her family took us to Target in Palmeston to do some clothes shopping. Jasper soon arrived and he called us several times asking where we were and if we were coming or not. Poor Emily felt really bad because Jasper waited for us in Casuarina for an hour and Emily was the one who decided to go to Palmeston with her mum and sister.
FINALLY we got out of Palmeston and met up with Jaspey Waspey at the Eatery. As soon as he saw me he gave me a big brotherly hug (we’ve converted him into a hugging machine…) and Emily claimed I went red :blushes:. We had sushi for lunch at Zushi Bar. Jasper’s appetite has not changed at the slightest. It was as big as an Elephant’s apetite…
After we finished lunch we walked around and Emily tried on clothes at Supré and poor Jasper was bored again lol. Then we walked over to NT Comics and Jasper bought some sort of Warhammer magazine. After that we went over to Emily’s house and watched “Kung Fu Hustle”. I don’t think Emily thought highly of the movie but I could tell that Jasper thoroughly enjoyed it xD. When we finished watching it, Emily gave us a lift home.

Jasper came over at about 10:30 in the morn. He came in at a bad time because at the time I was trashing my entire house looking for my concert band uniform. Jasper must be my lucky star though because shortly after he came, I found it under a clean folded towel. Why it was there…I had no idea…
At 11 we caught the bus to the city. I had a band rehearsal at 12:30 at the Darwin Entertainment Centre (DEC). We got there at 12 so we walked over to the Mitchell Centre to look for Eliza’s work place. I thought she said it was at the Mitchell Centre but we couldn’t find it anywhere. At a quarter past 12 we walked over to DEC and Jasper was bored watching our band rehearse for an hour and a half…SORRY JASPEY WASPEY! After band rehearsal, Samantha ( ~Chizxa )joined us. We went to Boost Juice and had Boost =P. At 3:20 we caught the bus back to my place. Sam and Jasper watched a few eps of Naruto on my computer while I took a shower and got changed into my band uniform. Samantha was already changed into it.
At 5 we caught the bus back to the city. We arrived at DEC at 6 and met up with Angel. Angel was in high spirits because she got to see the band members, teachers and old friends again :). Jasper and Angel went to sit at the audience while Samantha and I were back stage getting ready to perform with the school band. Oh, I forgot to mention that the occasion was for Darwin High School Presentation Night where students receive their academic awards for the year. Anyway…we performed alright. Better than our rehearsal anyway. The stage was too big for us to hear each other properly…
After our performance some of us sat at the students section of the audience and watched the rest of the presentation night. Samantha had an award for winning first in this big Mathematics competition, surprise surprise…XD.
Presentation night finished at around 9:30pm and by then there were no more buses running :x. Sam, Jasper and I took a taxi back to Jasper’s place. It was funny during our taxi ride because Samantha’s parents were expecting us to get a lift from Jasper’s mum and at one stage Sam’s parents’ car was driving right next to our taxi so Sam was like “ARGH! IT’S MY PARENTS’ CAR! DUCK!” *she ducks*. It was hilarious. The taxi driver was driving past them so he said “Hmm…your parents hey? I guess I should slow down a bit so they can see you’re here…” :giggle:. He did for a little while to scare Sam but then he sped up again and we soon lost Sam’s parents by miles. That was so funny. The taxi driver was cool.
By 9:45 we were back at Jasper’s house. First we played Dance Dance Revolution on Jasper’s PS1. I sucked so bad because the arrows were not on time with the music and a muso like me can’t deal with stepping off-beat from the music >_<;;. Jasper and Sam kicked butt though because they managed to shut the music out and just concentrate on the arrows. Anyhoo, we soon got tired of DDR so we played Mahjong, along with Vivian, Jasper’s 11 year old sister until 1am in the morning. It was the first time I’ve played Mahjong ever and I won my very first game too :D! Apparently my result was really nice too. Beginner’s luck! Samantha pretty much won the rest of the games for the rest of the night though...surprise surprise…
At 1am we said goodbye and Sam’s mum took me home.

I met up with Jasper in Cas at around 1:30pm. I went to get Boost Juice to hydrate myself before I had to donate blood with Eliza ( ~longleggedfly ), Kylie and Joanna at 1:50. After finishing my delicious Boost Juice Jasper and I walked over to the Red Cross Blood Bank and waited there until everyone else came. I was excited for Jasper and Eliza to meet each other ^^. I was also excited to see Eliza, Kylie and Joanna since I haven’t seen Eliza and Kylie since after the exams and Joanna since…oh goodness knows when…
I did a funny thing while I was filling out the form. There was a question that said “Are you pregnant or are you breast feeding?” and I accidentally ticked “Yes” >_<;;. Luckily Jasper saw my error and harassed me about it so I realised and corrected it. How embarrassing…now Jasper keeps saying that I’m pregnant :cries:!
Soon those of us who were donating got interviewed. My interview took a while because it was my first time and I went to Malaysia so they have to be precautious with my blood since I’ve been to a place where Malaria was present. Hopefully my blood’s okay to donate. I got my finger pricked to see my haemoglobin content. I had an impressive 150g/L. Funny how I was anaemic last year but now I’m anything BUT anaemic…
Finally it was time for me to get drained! The chair was comfy ^^. I got Jasper to watch me get drained. I think he was impressed because he thought I was a wimp and I had this HUUUUUUUGE needle stuck in my vein and got nearly half a litre of blood drained out of me. It was so cool! It didn’t hurt at all and I was so incredibly happy knowing that I was about to save 3 lives. I wanted to be a blood donor for the longest time and today I was finally one! I can’t wait to do my next donation!
I feel bad for Eliza though because she was 2g/L under the efficient level of haemoglobin so she couldn’t donate and they had to defer her donations for 6 months. She didn’t seem happy. It seems weird for her to have dropped so low in a short period of time though. I hope there’s nothing wrong with her.
After our donations, Eliza, Emma, Jasper and I walked around Cas to do some Christmas shopping. I thought it was fun fun fun walking with these three crazy people xD. I was probably crazier than the three of them put together though. Jasper said that Eliza was interesting around me lol. I seem to bring out the stupidity/craziness in people since I am stupid/crazy myself x). I managed to buy a present for [insert name here] and [insert another name here]. I’m not mentioning the names just in case they read this and they haven’t received their present yet (although they should have already). At 5:30 the stores were closing so we all went home.
At 8pm Jasper came over my place with his laptop so he could scab some stuff off my computer. At 9 Samantha came over. We helped Jasper get stuff off my computer until 11pm, the time Jasper had to go home. Sam was sleeping over so after that we watched Naruto until 2:30 in the morning. Sam, that little bugger wasn’t sleepy lol, but I was. If I wasn’t we probably would’ve kept on watching til goodness knows when haha…

Samantha and I woke up at 9. We got ready to leave and walked over to Casuarina library and arrived there at 10. We met up with Jasper, John ( ~gunblade7777777 ), Eugene and Andrew. First I versed John on Go (Japanese containment chess) and I lost to him as expected, even though I had 9 handicap lol. After that the guys played Yu-gi-oh for a while. Sam and I got bored so we went to Cas to walk around before meeting up with the guys again to have lunch. Everyone had KFC but I had a chicken salad wrap and a multi-v juice from some sandwich store. Hehe…Eugene was shocked with horror :wow:. He said “WHAT?! You health freak! Go sit in that corner over there and eat your healthy food!”. How mean :cries:.
After lunch we were going to walk to NT Comics but it was raining heavily outside and Sam and I weren’t allowed to get wet so we went to Einstein’s instead. Jasper and I versed each other in this car racing game, he won of course. Then we played DDR and the guys were quite impressive.
After that Sam and I went home.

Today I spent pretty much the whole day writing out letters, Christmas cards and went Christmas shopping. I was quite stressed today actually because there was some mail I had to send by today. However, today I discovered Express Mail haha…Apparently they’d arrive at their destination within the next business day for Australia. That is fast…
Anyhoo…today I spent hours and hours looking for a present for [insert name here] and [insert another name here]. I hope they like their presents. I gift wrapped them up, put them in parcels and sent them by 4. I also sent the present I bought on Tuesday for [insert two names here]. I wonder if they’ve received them yet. Wah! How exciting! I love giving people presents! I was bankrupt by the end of today though haha…
Anyhoo, I went home and got ready for work at Ming Court. I haven’t worked there for a while so it was good to see Sarah again. Tonight was a relatively quiet night and I finished an hour and a half early at 8 so I drove to Jasper’s place to visit for a bit. I just watched a bit of cartoons with Vivian. I stayed until 9:30 then went home to sleep.

I went over to Jasper’s house at around 11am then I went to the city with Jasper, Vivian and their mum to have lunch at Noodle House. We had fried rice noodles, stir fry vegies, and crispy skin chicken. After lunch we walked around the city looking for some store. I FOUND WHERE ELIZA WORKED! Actually Jasper found it first. It was in Cavennagh St xD. Too bad we found where it was while we were driving away from the city…
Later we went to Parap and collected some parcels for Jasper and Vivian. Then we went back to Jasper’s place. Jasper and I played DDR for a bit. Both my ankles were in a lot of pain so I stopped playing, then we watched some animé I forgot the name of, “Elven Light” or something like that. It was um…kinda gross… :/. Then Jasper’s mum took us to Cas and we played in Einstein’s for a bit then I went home to get ready for work at Ming Court again.
It was a full house at Ming Court tonight. It was the busiest I’ve ever experienced at Ming Court. Sarah and I were running around everywhere, not stopping to take a breath at all. I’ve also never answered so many phone calls in my life. It didn’t help when my hearing was terrible either…Sarah and the chefs were all grumpy because it was such a busy night so I tried me best to cheer everyone up with my so-called “cuteness”. It took a while but soon, when it wasn’t quite so hectic anymore, I managed to crack a smile from everyone :).
We finished work at around midnight then I went home to sleep.

That was pretty much my week. Sorry this was so long. Haha, this entry’s taken me 2.5 hours to write xD.

Anyway…everyone take care this festive season! :heart: :hug:
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