Monday, November 27, 2006

Dragon Palace --> Sore Calves --> I LIVE!! x)

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Dragon Palace

At 6pm Mum and I had a dinner to go to at Dragon Palace at Skycity with John & Muni and their two gorgeous daughters, Janelle & Jillian (whom we used to babysit).
As I was driving there, there was this lunatic motorcyclist who I swear was trying to ram me from behind going about 120km/h in a 60 zone...I had to swerve to my right, halfway onto the road where oncoming traffic could've crashed into me just so I wouldn't have the cyclist ram the back of the car. Far out...he was nuts! Then when he was driving past me he gave me a dagger. What the heck was his problem? He wasn't like being chased or anything...and soon I was overtaking him again...what was the point of speeding and nearly causing and accident?! Poor mum was in shock...luckily the opposite lane didn't have cars close enough to crash into me.
We arrived there about 15 minutes and walked around the spots we haven't been to in the casino.
It was to celebrate Janelle and Jillian's birthdays. Janelle is now 6 and Jillian is 3. These two girls always have huge grins on their faces (although Jillian also pouts a lot too just to get what she wants hehe...:giggle: ).
I can't remember what we ate was nice though x).
Surprise, surprise, Alfred (a friend of mine who worked with me at Best & Less) works as a waitress in Dragon Palace :D. He's everywhere X_x;;. Kinda like me these days with 4 jobs lol. Funny how I was a computer bum for the year and teaching piano a few hours a I'm always working hehe. Life is much more exciting x).
Janelle didn't eat a thing from the restaurant and ate all the lollies she gave me (haha...). Jillian was running around our table in circles a few hundred times x). Energetic little bugger she is x).
I spent the entire night trying really hard to chase after Jillian taking photos of her. I succeeded taking many many photos....of the back of her head ^^;
Well I submitted some photos of the two lovely little girls in my gallery. They never fail to warm my heart with their lovely smiles (and their sometimes cruel bashing-me-to-death actions :dead: ).
Well...yeah...I just ran around after the two girls trying to take many many photos of them and when we tired out, we went home.

Sore Calves
I had the weekend off so I decided to play soccer with the Alawa Devils in the afternoon on Sunday after teaching across the road from my house. I miss soccer so much, but I'm pretty much a beginner now after not playing properly for over 3 years (well, really it's 11 years when I played soccer properly for a club when I was 8...but I played a little bit in year 10 for the high school girl's team...only for like...a month though because I SPRAINED MY ANKLE! >:0)...
Far out, I am so unfit...we were only 15 minutes into the game and I was already puffing like mad...I haven't done this much exercise for like...a year...haha xD.
I played left defense (the position I had in high school) and aim right now is to not trip over the ball hehe. I tripped over the ball in year 11 and um...sprained my ankle ^^;. I am sooooo Theirry Henry, aren't I? xD
Anyhoo...I was going to play this arvo after work today too except Stephen paid me a visit xD. I was asleep on my bed and he walked over to my bedroom window and knocked on it really loud and I woke up going "AAAAAAAAAAARGH!" and he laughed at me :(. I couldn't hear him knocking on the front door so he had to walk over to my bedroom window...
He wanted to borrow some books from uni so we both walked to the uni library and used my library card to borrow some philosophy books out for him. Stephen seems to be in better moods now that his second attempt in year 12 is over for him :). I'm pretty sure he's going to get a TER of over 90, he's really smart. He wants to do Computer Science/Philosphy at University of Melbourne as a double degree *dies* X_x;;. That's tough stuff...
After we borrowed a couple of books I invited him back to my place for a drink of water and a chat. It's been ages since the both of us just sat and chatted to each other like this. Stephen talks on and on and on really, really fast but it's comforting. Much better than in 2005 when he was always depressed.
At 5 he went back home.
Now I am complaining about my sore calves X_x;;. They're aching from soccer...hopefully they'll stop aching over night.

I LIVE!! x)
Not much to say in this section...except that I am currently on gaia posting every now and then on ~Bities's thread. I haven't been on gaia for like a year...forgot it even existed lol. Yeah...I'm back from the dead on gaia. I don't know if I'm back to be on frequently though. I might just forget about gaia again haha xD. I don't know what to do there anyway. There's nothing I want to buy...
I guess my friends on there are reasons enough x)

Tomorrow after working at the cafe I gotta go to the parliament house for some reason. They gave me an invite to go and it's all formal and stuff. I'm so confused though. I'm not someone important...and they want me there O_o;;. Well...I guess I'll find out why tomorrow ^^.

Anyhoo...I think this entry's a little bit shorter...don't you think?

Well, take care, everyone! Love you! :heart: :hug:

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