Sunday, December 17, 2006

Donnie Darko/Raiding Angel's Place

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Donnie Darko
I won't talk about my day at work because that would just be boring x).
Emily came over at around 10pm and brought her laptop and "Donnie Darko" DVD with her. We migrated to my room and watched it in there. I love this movie! It's now one of my favourites!
Emily was amusingly very creeped out by Frank the bunny. She kept hidding behind me and my doona...poor thing. I just kept going "It's a guy in a bunny suit... -____-;;". I don't think that helped at all lol.
Anyway...yeah...I really liked this movie x). It was very clever and the acting was pretty good.
After we finished watching it, Emily went home.

Raiding Angel's Place
Emily came over at 3, hijacked my computer for a while and made me watch AFI videos on xD. Then she kidnapped me and we went to Casuarina to buy some boost. We were initially going to go Christmas shopping but the shops were closing so yeah :/. We ran into Erin ( ~Bities ), Brentley and Lani and I felt bad that I didn't know if I was going to Lani's Christmas party or not :cries:. I think she was annoyed at me :(.
Anyway...this entry's about going over to Angel's ( dev:demimondaine: ) house so I'll get to that now. We went back to Em's to pick up Angel's Christmas present then we went to Angel's house but had much difficulty finding it lol. We're so hopeless. It took us 15 minutes driving her suburb trying to look for her street. It was one of those times you wish you had a phonebook in your car so you could just go to the maps and find where you want to go. Shush, males. I'M FEMALE BUT I CAN READ MAPS! >_<;;
We had to call Angel's home to ask how to get to her place. Felicia (Angel's sister) picked up and I think she was a little confused as to why we were looking for her house. FINALLY we found it but Angel wasn't home yet so I messaged Angel saying "GO HOME!". I think she was quite confused when she got my message. She replied going "I'm just getting dinner, I'm on my way home. Why do I have to go home?". I didn't want to tell her why so I just replied going "JUST GO HOME! NOW! >:0" then she got slightly worried and asked if her dad was mad at her or something. Then I said "YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! THERE IS A FIRE INSIDE!" xD. "A Fire Inside" was Emily's contribution since she is obsessed with the band AFI (A Fire Inside). Soon she arrived home and we first played Christmas Hangman and Christmas 20 Questions. Emily managed to hang me with "Candle" but I managed to hang her with "Hay". Hehe...
Later we just talked to each other about anything and everything for hours and hours while eating pizza, mini sanwiches and warm sushi =P. It was so good to have a conversation with your high school friends again.
We chatted until around 9pm then Emily and I decided to leave Angel alone with her family. While we were going outside we played with Elmo (Angel's dog) for a little bit. We taught it how to sit :D.
Okay, we left after training her dog how to sit. Then I went over to Emily's for a little while then Em took me home at around 10:30pm.

That was my weekend :D. See? A SHORT(er) ENTRY FROM ME! xD.

Anyhoo...take care, everyone! :heart:
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