Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day with Dad

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I spent pretty much the whole day with dad yesterday.

First he picked me up at 11am and went shopping with him for a little while in Casuarina.

After an hour he got bored and then took me out to lunch at the city. On the way there I was just listening to my ipod and singing random songs by the Beatles to impress my dad xD. I also demanded I wanted to borrow the BeeGees off him. Yes…I’m suddenly into oldies music :XD:.

He took me out to lunch with Auntie Heng at Yum Cha restaurant at the city. I decided to be vego for a day for no particular reason so I just had stir fry vegies and rice.

After lunch dad dropped Auntie Heng at the casino then he took me to Wow (this home entertainment store) and dad wanted to buy an mp3 player for himself but he decided that he didn’t think it was worth the money.

After browsing around Wow, dad took me home.

At 5pm he came by again and kidnapped me to take me to his place hehe. I thought he was just going to order take away or something and have dinner together at his place while watching DVD’s. How wrong was I?! He told me to cook for him. He wanted to see what I was capable of. Well…not much. All I did was cook stir fry chicken and vegetables and egg noodles. He seemed to enjoy it though, and I guess it tasted pretty good so okay… x). Hehe…straight after dinner he took me home and yeah…that was my day with dad!


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