Thursday, January 11, 2007

Piano students get together :)

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On Tuesday former students of Quynh Giao Hoffman went over to her place to get together and have a little party. I went to pick up Holly at 2:45 and Holly and I were the first ones to arrive at QG's house. Samantha is in Canberra so I took her plush seal there on her behalf. Soon Paul, Winnie and Halina arrived, shortly after Penny and Sophie came as well. Angelina was XD. We just sat around drinking fruit punch and eat chicken wings for a while. QG showed us a DVD of her playing the piano "Lieberstraum" by Franz Liszt at her friend's wedding. We laughed at how nervous she was lol xD. She played beautifully though...of course...
Paul performed his composition called "A Penguin Christmas". I had it on file. It's AWESOME! Paul is a GENIUS!!!

Soon Sophie had to leave, after she left we all gathered around the piano playing pop songs and singing woefully. Paul's voice stood up the most because it's so INCREDIBLY DEEP! We all brought our bathers to swim but we didn't go swimming at QG's pool at all. We spent the entire day just mucking around on the piano singing and having a great time. It was nice that we could get together. QG taped us performing and put it on embarrassing...

I sound absolutely terrible when I am attempting to sing goodness...remind me to never attempt classical opera ever again!! Hahaha...

We had pizza for dinner. The pizza slices were the biggest I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. There was also a lot of oil because it dripped all over my hand...yuck... :S

Everyone left at around 8:30 and I stuck around to help clean up then left at 9. It was so nice to get together like this again. QG was glad that we were still capable of playing tunes on the piano after we concentrated so hard on our studies at high school and uni. I think after I finish my bachelor I might have a shot at doing a Lmus.A examination. That way I can have a Licenciated diploma instead of the Associates diploma I have now...Scary...

Anyhoo...that was our piano students get together party. Hopefully we'll have a second one when EVERYONE can come that way Samantha doesn't have to go as a plush seal lol.

Now for life in general...lately I've been feeling a bit depressed, lost and confused. I've been caught up in such a mess. Life is messy...I will not elaborate further...
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