Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Woo! New job and new laptop!

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Thursday, 4th
Today I went over to Samantha's house to sleep over. I went over at around 6pm then we just mucked around on her minuscule 4GB hard drive computer (I'm surprised it runs...). Then we had dinner and compliments to Sam's mum for her lovely cooking :).
After dinner we just watched Naruto and Sauching (Sam's little sister) was a little confused since we started watching from episode 85 lol.
After watching a few episodes we just bummed around on msn again. Aaron was turning everything I said into a sexual invitation and even though it was degrading it was highly amusing. This went on until about 3:00am when Samantha and I decided it's probably the best time for us to go to bed...
When we went to bed, we didn't sleep for at least another half hour. I stared at her lava lamp and was highly amused. Yes...I am very sad...things like melted wax blobbing up and down amuse me...
Finally...we fell asleep.

Friday, 5th
We woke up at 10am. Samantha and I had nutella toast for breakfast. I haven't had nutella for yeeeeeeeears. It tasted so good :D.
I can't remember what we did after breakfast. I think we just surfed the net to look at random flashes and whatever things that amused us. Then we watched more Naruto. Haha...(we don't seem to do anything else but watch Naruto, do we? XD).
At 3:00pm Samantha's mum took me home and I got ready for my first day at work at Subway =P.

I started at 4pm and Michelle, the manager went through the training with me with a fellow Trainee by the name of Jake. It turns out that Jake is the son of the delivery driver, James, who works at Ming Court with me...lol...what a small world.
After about half an hour of Michelle telling us how to do things we got straight to working with the customers and Samantha decided to visit and make my first day on the job difficult lol. She ordered a roast beef sub and roast beef was the ONE meat I couldn't remember...bah! Oh well...at least she made me remember it for good now xD. Yeah...making subs was fun and it's far more easy and laid back than being a waitress. I didn't quit my job at Ming Court though. Ming Court is just closed for two weeks. I quit the job at Skycity though...they only wanted me for the Festive Season anyway.
Anyhoo...I finished working at 8pm and yeah...:D. I like working at Subway :).

Saturday, 6th
10am, Mila came over for her piano lesson. Hmm...she hasn't practised :/ but during the lesson I helped her improve on "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" a lot though which is good. It's only because she knows how the piece goes though lol...*sighs contently* little kids indeed!

10:45am, mum and I drove to "Wow" and bought my Benji!!! I named my laptop Benji lol. It is my pet *strokes her Benji*. We managed to get a $28 discount with our bargaining skills ;P.
Anyhoo...for those of you who care...here's Benji's specs (in German...I can't find it in English for some strange reason...): [link] click on "Datenblatt" lol.
Anyhoo...yeah...my laptop is groooovey! :boogie: :dance:

Sunday, 7th
Today Emily came over during the evening and we went to rent out "Ghost in the Shell" because Emily got me "Ghost in the Shell 2" for Christmas. I couldn't understand the movie but it made more sense towards the end. The matrix stole ideas from this movie, I am guessing...it's intense! All these deep and hidden meanings. Nyah! The movie made my brain hurt. The sequel was even better and by then I had a better understanding of what was going on so the second movie made a lot of sense to me but my brain still really hurt from thinking about it so much. Yeah...I'll need to watch both movies several times to understand it...or maybe I should read the manga and watch the TV series...
Anyway...I thought Ghost in the Shell was very cool. The second movie was tonnes better than the first. I am trying to figure out the significance of the Bassett hound...I would tell you my interpretation but I will save you from it because 1. You won't care and 2. It's just dumb and I could yak on and on...

Monday, 8th
Woke up 7am, then walked to work at 8. This morning in Subway I got to chop up all the salads with cool cutting utensils. I WANT THE CUCUMBER CUTTER!! It's awesome! I can't even describe it in words. Well, you basically cut the entire cucumber in a second by simply spinning this handle and it chops it in perfect thin little discs. Wee! :3
Wee...today was a fun day because we had a whole cue of customers at around lunch time and I was having lots of fun making all these strange subs. Too bad the coffee machine was out of order. I like making coffee :(.
Today was an oliveless day. Apparently all of the Subway restaurants in Australia are out of olives. That's kinda amusing. WE ARE OLIVELESS NATION WIDE!!!
Moo...had a 7.5 hour shift and I think it went well.

I will save you from any further brain damage from reading my incredibly long and boring journal entry now. In the mean time, take care and goodbye for now!
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