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Last Week in Darwin (to be continued)

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First of all I will warn you guys that this is probably the last entry I will write in Darwin. I will not have access after today, I fly to Adelaide on Thursday 15th and I don't know when I will get net access again so yeah, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a while...
WARNING: This journal entry is EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEMELY LOOOOOOOONG! (No surprises eh? Well it's longer than it normally is, okay?!).
First of all I will warn you guys that this is probably the last entry I will write in Darwin. I will not have access after today, I fly to Adelaide on Thursday 15th and I don't know when I will get net access again so yeah, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a while...

WARNING: This journal entry is EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEMELY LOOOOOOOONG! (No surprises eh? Well it's longer than it normally is, okay?!).

Thursday, 8th February - Stranger Than Fiction
I worked at Subway from 8:30am to 4pm. Samantha met up with me after work and we went back to my place and I made her watch a few episodes of Elfen Lied. Surprisingly she wasn't grossed out by it lol. We were gonna have dinner and watch a movie tonight with the Wells. Eliza was supposed to come too but unfortunately she couldn't come for particular reasons :(.

I taught Mila for half an hour while Samantha just sat in my room watching some more Elfen Lied to kill time waiting for our time to head out.

At 6:00pm we got picked up by Kylie and Joanna to go to Fasta Pasta for dinner. We got quite full with our delicious entree sized meals.

We finished our meals at quarted to 8 and our movie didn't start til 9:10pm so Kylie drove us around East Point and town. Then we came back to the cinemas to watch "Stranger Than Fiction". I didn't expect great things from this movie but oh my goodness...THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Throughout the movie I couldn't help analysing it (dang English Studies) but I enjoyed it the entire way. I loved every minute of it! The movie was so clever and imaginative. It was so funny and so beautifully done. It easily made it to one of my favourite movies of all time.

So yeah...for those who haven't seen it, it's about this guy who hears this woman's voice in his mind who narrates everything he does very accurately. Doesn't sound interesting? I don't care! YOU HAVE TO GO WATCH IT!

After our movie it was pouring with rain so Kylie quickly dropped Sammy and me home.
Then as I was drifting off to sleep I received the most random SMS from Eliza saying "What's that site that had 'They're taking the hobbits to Isengard' called?" and from then on we messaged each other back and forth for an hour and a half lol trying to figure out when we were both free at the same time so we could see each other.

We then finally made an agreement for me to visit her on Monday night at her work place. After that I went to bed x).

Friday, 9th February - Trailer Boat Club Farewell Dinner
Tonight we all had a farewell dinner at the trailer boat club and it was great that we could organise a little get together before the lot of us scattered to various parts of Australia for uni.

Emily rocked up at 6pm and she was stressing a lot about being late to dinner because she had to pick up 3 more people besides me and we had half an hour to get to the Trailer Boat Club which was at the other side of Darwin lol.

I was amused with her being frustrated with her automatic car since automatic cars tend to accelerate very slowly lol. We managed to get to the Trailer Boat Club at 6:35 which isn't too bad lol. Most of the people were there before us though and kept messaging Emily while she was driving us there asking where the hell she was since she was the one who organised the get-together xD.

We all sat down in our reserved seats and just chatted away (and waiting for the late arrivals) until the sun set. I took a few pretty photos of the sky (as you can see in my gallery) and just you know, I have done no editing of the images whatsoever besides cropping the picture and putting borders on them. I took a lot of photos of everyone too and when I can be bothered I will upload a bunch of photos onto my msn space (which I haven't done for a while so the latest photos on there are the Christmas ones hehe).
We all ordered big meals (we didn't mean to....they were just served really big O_o;; ). I had the HUGEST Veal parmigiana. Not only was it huge...it was also FERAL! The entire piece of meat was ruddy TENDONS! It was NOT NICE! I couldn't cut it, or chew it or ANYTHING! It was just huge strands of tendons stuck together.........:puke:

Even though my dinner was crap I had a marvellous time because it was ages since I was out with my lovely bunch of high school friends :).

Some of us later went to walk on the beach (which the Trailer Boat Club was RIGHT ON) and I think a lot of us tried to take in every moment at the beach as much as we could. A lot of my friends are studying in Melbourne and they claim they don't have/have the crappiest beaches so they missed the beach so much. I know when I leave I'm going to miss the beach...and the sky...and the humidity (strangely enough)...and the trees...and the quiet life...it's...it's....my home!!! :cries: I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After our walk on the beach (it was completely dark at the time) half of us said our goodbyes and drove to Cool Spot for ice-cream. I had my favourite flavour, Mint Choc-chip of course.

After our ice-cream Joanna drove Samantha and me to town, we went to Coles and I bought myself a 1.25L bottle of Green Ice Tea and Joey bought herself a raspberry chubba-chubb (it's a type of lollipop). Then we just had a drive around Marrara looking for this empty carpark but we saw a crash site of this public bus instead. We didn't know what on earth to do so Joey drove Samantha home at around 11pm. Then I thought we should go say hi to Scott who was having his birthday party at the time so we drove there to say hello. I just sat around with people I didn't know (except for Scott, Kylie and Joanna) for 40 minutes then Joey and I got bored so Joey drove me home and yeah...that was my night x).

Saturday, 10th February - Mum's Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUMMY!!!!!!! :cake: :party: :heart:

Today's the last day I give my students piano lessons. How sad :cries:. 10am I taught Mila. She was sad and said that she was going to miss me a lot :(. I only had her for a few months but she's improved a lot I reckon. She's such a sweet little girl. She was trying to have as much fun as she could and so was I. At the end of the lesson I videotaped her with my camera and she put on a stunning performance for me ^^. I will pass her on to Angelina's sister, Felicia since Mila's too young for my piano teacher, Quynh Giao to teach. I hope Mila and Felicia will get along and Mila will continue to improve and develop her piano playing.
When I said goodbye to her I gave her a big hug and a kiss goodbye. The poor thing cried...*sigh*. Hopefully I will see her again in the July holidays :).

At 11am Dad picked me up and we went out to have lunch at the city. First I bought mum a whole duck at this Chinese Restaurant so we could have it for dinner for her birthday. Then we just had rice dishes at Zen Restaurant.
After our lunch dad dropped me off home so I can drop off the duck then he dropped me off at Casuarina so I could get Mum's birthday present.

I got mum a gorgeous Family photo album that had a little house and you could open its windows and doors and everything ^^. Then I went to get a photo of her and me printed with a USB device but the instant printing machine was down. I was so disappointed...lucky when I got home I found an already printed out copy of mum and I so I used that photo instead (and it's her favourite photo instead).

At 3pm I taught Melissa and she looked glum (I guess it's because it was her last lesson with me...*sigh*). I was glad she practised though because the past few weeks she slacked off a bit but she really impressed me today. She showed a greater dynamic range in her pieces and the notes were tidier too :). I hope Quynh Giao will approve of her when she teaches her.
At the end of the lesson I videotaped Melissa's playing too. I think I stressed out the poor girl lol. After that she presented me with presents. I sooooo did not expect that! She gave me a quilt and pillow covers (very handy!) and a plush doggie :heart:. I felt like crying...I didn't get my students anything...I think I'll round then up in the July holidays and shout them for lunch :D.

At 4pm I taught Kae-jenn and as soon as he came in he immediately went "WAAAAAAAH! THIS IS OUR LAST LESSON!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING!!!!!!! YOU'RE LEAVING ME!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!" :cries: and meh.......I WAS ALREADY TEARY!!! It was really hard for Kae-jenn to focus today which is a once off thing. I guess he was upset. He got really attached to me the past year of me teaching him. He became my little brother. He made me this gorgeous little cardboard box which apparently took him all day (according to his mother) and inside he put a little jade dragon charm. It was beautiful! Wah! I didn't know sweet little boys still existed in this world! I hope Kae-jenn stays the same as he grows up!!!!
Yep, you guessed it, after the lesson I videotaped his playing. He stayed back another hour just playing and gossiping with me then begged me to let him come over and practise and see me off before I leave. I insisted of course.

At 6pm mum and I went to Uncle Angelo's house to have dinner. We had our duck (which mum overcooked) and my nummy Ravioli which was of course NOT overcooked x). Our dinner was quickly done. Then mummy opened her present from me and loved it :). She also got red packets with lots of money.
For the rest of the night we just watched TV and when we got tired, we went home.

Sunday, 11th February - Last shift at Subway
Mih, I wasn't pleased that my last shift was with someone I only worked with once before for 2 hours. My work buddy was Ben for tonight. I thought it would've been nice if I got to work with someone I worked with nearly every day. I thought it was going to be a night of little conversation and awkwardness. HOW WRONG WAS I?!?! Ben was heaps cool!

Anyway, before we get to that, Jake was still there when I started work. He decided to hang around to say goodbye to me. That's so nice of him ^^. I gave him a little hug and he begged me to give him a little kiss on the cheek too but nuuuuu! >_<;;
But yeah, I worked with Jake everyday ever since I started training and we always sang and did the chicken dance together lol :giggle: :dance:. He was lots of fun x).

Anyhoo...as soon as I walked in the door, Ben handed this half drunken energy drink to me and said "TRY THIS!". It didn't look like I had a choice so I tried some. It woke me up for a few seconds lol. Poor Ben was on the energy drinks all night because his shift today was 11:30am - 9pm. Mine was only 4pm - 8:30pm.
Turned out Ben was a big Billy Joel fan x). Hehe, he played his Billy Joel music over the stereo all night and we both sang all night :D. Then we talked about our lives and yeah, it was quite interesting listening to each other talk about ourselves. He absolutely adored his girlfriend which I think is absolutely gorgeous ^^. Not many young blokes like him nowadays. I wish I got more shifts with this guy...not only was he normal (unlike Jake making me do the chicken dance) but he was also not boring xD.
I found out that he was in Danmei's physics class last year. Hehe...I am going to ask Danmei about Ben next time I speak to her x).
Anyhoo, Ben and I just chilled out all night because it was a quiet night. We also had a bit of a sword fight with the mop and broom (and hoorah for the surveillance cameras embbedded all over the restaurant lol) which was fun x). Hehe....what a way to have my last shift at Subway eh? We never muck around like this...it's good that I got to have this kind of fun for my last shift. Don't get me wrong, we got our work done too *shifty eyes*.
If I come back to work at Subway in July I am gonna try to get night shifts with this guy! HE'S FUN! Lol x). He's the only one out of all the subway employees I've met who doesn't do drugs too lol. I WAS WORKING IN A DRUGGIE ZONE! OHNOES! D;

Anyhoo...yeah, my last shift at Subway rocked :boogie:.

Monday, 12th February - Friends :)
Emily woke me up nice and early at 8:30am (lol, I know it's not that early xD) by rocking up my house while I was still in bed x). I immediately got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, washed my face and got kidnapped by her lol. We drove to McDonald's and ordered hot cakes before driving to the beach where we would eat our hot cakes happily x).

We sat in this park Emily and I haven't been to for years. It was nice. We just sat on the concrete benches eating our hotcakes while enjoying the beautiful ocean view. It was so relaxing. We also realised that it was going to be the last time Emily and I were going to spend time with each other before we scooted off with our interstate uni lives :cries:.

We munched up our hot cakes in no time so we walked over to the jetty and just enjoyed the lovely sea breeze. We talked about planning our futures such as getting pregnant together (sad, I know lol) and all that random daydreaming stuff hehe.

The clouds were nice and fluffy on this beautiful Monday morning but unfortunately I didn't bring my camera so I couldn't take any photos of it T_T.

After our brief outing at the beach Emily drove me home.

At 10:30am I met up with my Uncle Richard at K-mart to print out some of my great aunt's funeral photos. I ran into Madeleine as I was printing the photos. It was great to see her, it's been months. I didn't get to talk to her much though. I hope I see her again within a few months time. Maddi's a very nice girl :).

At noon I had subway for lunch with mummy. Jake and Rodney were working and they were trying to convince me to stay and work with them lol x). *sigh* They also said that they were gonna miss me. Waaaaaaaah....I've been said that a lot this past week. It's making me really depressed :depressed:. I really really really really REALLY don't want to leave T_T. My life is so good here...WHY DOES CHARLES DARWIN UNIVERSITY HAVE TO BE SO CRAP?! *whinges*

I arrived back home at 1pm and Erin came over for a little while to give me back this Faerie necklace she had off me for about 2 years. Two years ago, Erin and I decided to have a bit of a necklace swap. She had a faerie necklace as well and I don't know why but we just swapped necklaces. Unfortunately I haven't seen her necklace for a long time so I don't know where it is T_T. I KNOW IT'S IN THIS BOX, BUT WHERE THAT BOX IS, IS A MYSTERY! Waaaaaaaaaah! I hope I will find her necklace one day T_T.
Pooey....Erin only got to stay over for about half an hour. Her mum came pretty soon to pick her up again *grumbles*.

At 6pm dad decided to kidnap me to take me out to dinner. Mum was not pleased because she really wanted me to have dinner with her at home these last few nights I remain in Darwin. Dad really wanted me to come though because he was leaving for Malaysia the next day. We went to Saigon restaurant and had a quiet evening around town. We mostly talked about model cars and very non-interesting stuff but it was still nice to be around dad.

When he drove me home, and I was getting out of the car, it only struck me then that this was the very last time I would see dad for a long time...I burst into tears after thinking about that. Then my mother got pissed off at me for crying and told me how pathetic I was which didn't help. She was saying it's all my fault that I chose to move interstate and I should just get over it. To a degree she's right but seriously...I was emotional and in tears....not to mention I only had 3 days left to be with her...she could've been a bit nicer to me, right?
I hid in my room to cry for a bit, depressed and slightly angry. I missed my dad the moment I walked out of the car. Then I tried to calm myself down and went back outside and sat with mum. She didn't talk. She gave me a dagger then completely ignored me afterwards...*sigh* I give up...
Kylie arrived at 10pm to pick me up. I left the house trying to say goodbye but was still given the cold shoulder. Far out...I don't know what on earth I did to offend my mother that much...is it wrong to miss my dad? I'd cry heaps more when I say goodbye to mum! She knows that! She's jealous or something? I mean...what the hell....THEY'RE BOTH MY PARENTS FOR GOODNESS SAKES....I WAS GOING TO LEAVE THEM...AND SHE'S ANGRY AT ME FOR SHOWING THE SLIGHTEST EMOTION FROM SAYING GOODBYE TO MY OWN FATHER WHO I HARDLY SEE MY ENTIRE LIFE!

Okay...I'll stop bitching about mum now...
Kylie, Joey and I drove to the airport and as soon as we walked in, we bumped into Eliza straight away. The purpose of us being there was to visit her at work. She worked at Viva La Body at the airport.
First Eliza gave us hand massages which was very nice indeed ^^. My hands still smell nice from the massaging lotion.
There wasn't much to do at first so we just sat around talking about random stuff and catching up with each other (because we haven't seen Eliza for YONKS!).

At 12:30am Eliza took a break and we went to Red Roosters to eat. We sat and ate our food and said the stupidest things. Eliza was eating a chicken flayva wrap and then it unwrapped itself.
Eliza: "My flayva decided to undress itself.....STRIP SUB!"
*we burst into hysterical laughter for some strange reason*
Eliza: "Would you like dressing?"
Kylie: "Do you know what the last one did?"
*more hysterical laughter*
Hey...leave us alone.....we were tired lol. It was late xD.
Mih....I'm going to miss these crazy times. It's been so long since we mucked around like this...and it's going to be a long time yet to have another one of these silly moments with them again...
Eliza reckons things aren't going to be the same at uni after I'm gone...I don't think that's true...her, Kylie, Kyle and the other would get along just as well as we have last year. They can do it without me. All I do is tell them when stuff is due and what to study for lol. I don't see how that catalyses our fun and strange moments. Still it makes me incredibly sad hearing things like that said to you...
Oh, I feel so horrible about leaving.... >_<;;

These last few days I've been asking myself more and more why on earth I am leaving Darwin? I am seriously getting depressed about it...

After eating we went back to the store and took some group photos. We had a lot of fun and the 3 hours flew by quite quickly. It was fun keeping Eliza company at work :).

We all left the airport at close to 2am and now I am back here writing this long journal entry about my last week in Darwin.

Today (it's now 6am lol) I am going to spend the day with Quynh Giao, Angel (then see her off at the airport) and Samantha. Tonight I plan to have a movie night with Kylie and mum and hopefully mum's not in an unpleasant mood.

On Wednesday I plan to have fish and chips at the wharf but I don't think it will happen.

On Thursday morning I'm planning to have breakfast with everyone at Sunset restaurant at Skycity before going to the airport to bid my final farewell to my family and friends and Darwin. Then within 3 hours and 35 minutes after I depart, I will arrive in Adelaide and begin my new life...I will see Jarrad and Aaron for the first time in a very long time and meet Ryan for the very first time. Hopefully I still won't be depressed by then otherwise the guys are going to have a very hard time with me...

I will write about this the next time I have net access.

In the mean time...I will talk to you all again later...in ADELAIDE!

Take care everyone, love you! :heart: :hug:

Wish me the best of luck!

- To be continued...
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