Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Little Harrison and more lunches x)

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Friday 2nd, Little Harrison
I got picked up by Erin with Angelina at around 9am and we drove straight to Humpty Doo to visit our English teacher, Ms Sparrow. It took us about half an hour to drive there but we finally got there and found her house quite easily.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...................Harrison (her new born son) was so cuuuuuute!!!
He pulled the funniest faces...it was just beautiful ^^. Angel gave Ms Sparrow a Keepsake book and I bought Harrison a plush blue elephant that rattled. I took a few photos of her and Harrison and we just talked about him and some other stuff for about half an hour. Pity Angel had to be home and I had to go to work by 11pm so we had to leave pretty soon.
According to the Subway clock I was right on time lol (even though my watch said I was 10 minutes late).
Anyway...it was nice to see Ms Sparrow again and see her lovely new bundle of joy ^^.

Saturday 3rd, Lunch at Sunset Restaurant
At 5am I got a message from Ryan saying "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, oh what a beautiful morning, I'm so stuffed it's quite gay!" and I was not happy coz I was WOKEN UP! Lol. So I replied "Oh what a terrible morning, you got me out of bed, I'm tired and I'm yawning, message someone else instead!". Basically him and Jarrad were about to drive off to Adelaide...

At 12:30, mum and I had lunch with our boss and other workmates of Fox & Hound Cafe Inn and Ming Court Restaurant at Sunset Restaurant at Skycity. Sylvia (our boss) bought me a wallet as a farewell and good luck present for me to use in Adelaide. That was very nice of her. She shouted us all the lunch too which is also very nice of her.
I felt nostalgic being back at Skycity though. It just reminded me of the time I worked there and killed my left arm carrying the plates. Now that I was dining there, I was more conscientious of the waiters that worked there. I could see them hiding the pain as they carried our plates away. X_x;; ugh...the pay was good working there but hell, it was a hard job. I felt for the waiters...
Well, lunch was nice, and it was nice to spend quiet time with my workmates rather than rushing around serving customers at the restaurant or cafe.

At night I was waiting for a message from the boys saying they arrived in Adelaide safely but they didn't message me so I was getting restless. I sent them a message around midnight saying "ARE YOU THERE YET? ARE YOU THERE YET? ARE YOU THERE YET?". No reply :(

Sunday 4th
At 6:30am I got a message from Ryan saying they arrived there and I thought to myself "wow...it took them 25 hours to drive there :O"

During the day I just worked at Subway all day...nothing special x).

At night I called the guys up and it turned out they actually arrived there at 9pm last night and I woke them up when I messaged them at midnight. GRRRRR! WELL IT'S THEIR FAULT FOR NOT MESSAGING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE! :x

Monday 5th, Lunch with dad
Dad picked me up at 11am and took me to the city to have lunch with him. We went to the same ol' Chinese Restaurant and had rice dishes as per usual. Hmm...we didn't talk about much today. Pity...it's gonna be the last few moments I have with dad before I leave. Actually he leaves for Malaysia before I head for Adelaide. *Sigh* I was hoping he'd say goodbye to me but meh...oh well.

Tuesday 6th
What have I done today? I just packed up my junk all day...took me a while. Haven't done much today...that's about it...

Oh, and it's Scott Randall's 21st Birthday today. Happy birthday, Scott! :cake: :party:
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